Family care of children with special healtcare needs: a process of (super)natural care and (over)protection

The aim of this descriptive exploratory study was to describe the care process developed by family members/caregivers of children with special healthcare needs at home. Study subjects were ten family members/caregivers of children in a pediatric unit. Data production occurred by means of the dynamics of creativity and sensitivity and submitted to the discourse analysis. Results showed a (super)natural care and (super)protection, linked to the child's deprivation of common daily living activities in order to protect him/her from possible health complications. The study revealed the personal selflessness of the family member in favor of the care required by the child, and the presence of the father as primary caregiver. The authors recommend the development of extension activities specific to these families, the creation of programs aimed at the home care of the child and activities that benefit the improvement of the care practice at home.

Family; Caregivers; Pediatric nursing; Child health

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