Simultaneous polydrug use among undergraduate students of health sciencies from one university, San Salvador - El Salvador

Fabio Bautista Pérez Laura Simich Carol Strike Bruna Bradns Norman Giesbrecht Akwatu Khenti About the authors

The objective of the study was to describe patterns of simultaneous polydrug use among undergraduate students at one university in the city of San Salvador, El Salvador. The study was cross-sectional, with a descriptive analysis, with a sample size of 309. Simultaneous polydrug use was reported by 5.18% of the students for the last 12 months, and 4.21% for the last 30 days. The average onset age for polydrug use was 16.9 years. In the last 12 months and 30 days, the most common combination by used by the students was alcohol + tobacco 2.3%. The characteristics of consumption most referred were: learning individually by themselves, consumption in gender mixed groups, out side university in nightclubs, and to do it for relaxing.

Students; Street drugs; Addictive behavior; Substance-related disorders; Risk factors

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