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Promoting the self care of the elderly for healthy aging: application of nola pender theory

Healthy aging is a condition to be achieved by those who deal with the changes of aging. This paper analyzes the construction of self-care actions of older people relating to the concepts of the Theory of Nola Pender. Qualitative, poetics, with a research group composed of 11 elderly participants of Unati, the State of Rio de Janeiro in 2009. The data obtained through artistic techniques were analyzed categorical poetics. RESULTS: There was to take care of itself is a resource to meet theirs own needs. Difficult task, especially in old age understood, by a process of continuous change to regain balance. It was concluded that the model of Pender is a proposal to integrate the science of nursing behavior, identifying the factors that influence health behaviors. It is also a guide to explore the motivation or motivation of older people to engage in self-promoting behaviors in healthy aging.

Nursing; Theory; Health promotion; Self care; Gerontology

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