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Obstetrics school at the University of São Paulo: its history told in the book of minutes (1912-1970)

Throughout the 20th Century, Obstetrics education has undergone innumerous changes which have accompanied changes in the maternal and newborn health care model and conceptions concerning professional nursing education and practice. This qualitative and documentary study aimed to describe and analyze the minutes of the meetings of the São Paulo Obstetrics School. The School was founded in 1912 and was adjacent to the University of São Paulo Medical School until 1970, when it was incorporated into the School of Nursing. The minutes have recorded aspects of the School's operation such as student selection and performance, examinations, teaching programs, curriculum changes, faculty, school calendar, revalidation of foreign diplomas, financial turnover, and other disciplinary, administrative, and legal matters concerning the course. One can infer that the original purpose of creating the School was "in tune" with the broader project of the medical and social elite of the time.

Midwifery; Obstetrics; History; Education

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