Profile of simultaneous poly-substance users of undergraduate students at one university, Kingston - Jamaica

El perfile del policonsumo simultáneo de drogas entre estudiantes de pregrado de una universidad, Kingston - Jamaica

O perfil do policonsumo simultâneo de drogas entre estudantes de graduação de uma universidade, Kingston - Jamaica

Joy Harrison Laura Simich Carol Strike Bruna Brands Norman Giesbrecht Akwatu Khenti About the authors

This study is part of a multicentric research project involving seven universities in five Latin American countries and one Caribbean island (Jamaica). This cross-sectional study examines the profile of a sample of first and second year undergraduate students in the Medical/Health Science Department of one university in Kingston, Jamaica. The sample size was 295 students. Our results revealed that this pattern of drug use is occurring in this specific university. Alcohol was the most frequently reported substance 27.5%, followed by cannabis 6.1% and tobacco 4.7%. Report of polydrug consumption was low for all categories studied. Our findings may inform interventions at the university level.

Students; Street drugs; Behaviour addictive; Substance-related disorders; Risk factors

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