Perception of nurses-professors about environmental problems: grants to the professional training on nursing

Cibelle Mello Viero Silviamar Camponogara Vanúzia Sari Graciele Erthal About the authors

The study aims to understand the perception of nurses-professors about the actual environmental problems in order to obtain subsidies for reflection on nursing professional training. This is a descriptive-explorative and qualitative research performed with nurses-professors from a Nursing Course. Data were collected through semi-structured interviews and analyzed according to the content analysis steps. The teachers consider the environment as the interaction space and place for human existence. Also, they have clarity about the impact of current environmental problems on human life and its consequences, including people´s health. They understand that their responsibility, in relation to the environmental demands, is great and there is an interlacing between individual and professional spheres. It is concluded that these issues must be part of the educational practice of nurses training in order to enable the awareness of future professionals.

Nursing; Nursing education; Nursing professors; Ecology; Environment

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