Integrative literature review: a research method to incorporate evidence in health care and nursing

Karina Dal Sasso Mendes Renata Cristina de Campos Pereira Silveira Cristina Maria Galvão About the authors

Evidence based practice is an approach that encourages the development and/or use of research results in clinical practice. Due to the quantity and complexity of information in health care, literature review methods need to be produced. Among such methods, we highlight the integrative review. Hence, this study aimed to present the general concepts and steps for the elaboration of an integrative review, as well as relevant aspects about the applicability of this method for health and nursing research. The integrative review is a research method that allows for the search, critical assessment, and synthesis of available evidence about the research theme. Its end product is the current stage of knowledge about the investigated theme, the implementation of effective interventions in health care and cost reduction, as well as the identification of gaps that indicate developments for future research.

Research; Nursing; Health

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