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Being cared by a family member: the existential feelings of cancer patients1 1 Extracted from the master's dissertation - O cuidado sob o olhar do paciente oncológico: o cotidiano junto à família e a equipe de saúde, presented to the Graduate Nursing Program, Universidade Estadual de Maringá(UEM), 2013. Research financed by the Araucária Foundation for Scientific and Technological Development of Paraná, Brazil.

Ser cuidado por un familiar: sentimientos existenciales de pacientes oncológicos

Julia Wakiuchi Anna Maria de Oliveira Salimena Catarina Aparecida Sales About the authors

The present article aimed to understand the daily life of cancer patients under palliative care while experiencing home care provided by family members. This was a Heideggerian phenomenological study with 20 patients being treated at the primary health care service of Northeast Paraná, Brazil, between November 2012 and February 2013. Data collection was based on the following research guiding question: What has been your experience of being cared for by your family? Phenomenological analysis was conducted by selecting units of meaning from statements and then selecting ontologic themes, namely: "being alone in the presence of the other" and "finding the foundation of care in love." In conclusion, when based on love and solicitude, home care coupled with palliative practices can give "wings" to those who are suffering and perceive their lives as threatened.

Family; Home nursing; Neoplasms; Palliative care; Nursing

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