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Factors related to abandoning tuberculosis treatment: an integrative review

This integrative literature review aimed to simultaneously evidence concepts and to show the factors associated with non-adherence to tuberculosis treatment in scientific publications from 2000 to 2009. Data was collected from the Virtual Health Library/LILACS and SciELO websites, using the descriptors: Patient giving up treatment, patient treatment refusal, patient cooperation, and adherence to medication, cross-referencing them with the descriptor "tuberculosis". The search resulted in 219 articles. After observing inclusion and exclusion criteria, nine articles were left to compose the sample. Data analysis formed two categories: Conceptualizing abandoning tuberculosis treatment and Factors associated with abandoning tuberculosis treatment. Tuberculosis treatment was considered to be abandoned if the use of such medication was interrupted for thirty days or more. The following associated factors were considered relevant: socio-demographics, related sicknesses/illnesses, and health care. The nursing staff/health care approaches should focus on interactive and more humane care, directed towards increasing adherence to treatment.

Tuberculosis; Nursing; Treatment refusal; Medication adherence

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