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Satisfaction of companions with the experience of supporting the parturient at a university hospital

Satisfacción de acompañantes con la experiencia de apoyar a la parturiente en un hospital universitario

A cross-sectional study that aimed to assess the satisfaction of companions with the experience of supporting the parturient, and to identify the related factors. Data were collected at a university hospital in Southern Brazil, by means of semi-structured interviews with 314 caregivers, between October of 2009 and January of 2010. The satisfaction scores were determined by the Cronbach's alpha coefficient. The Kruskal-Wallis and the Mann-Whitney tests estimated the related factors. The mean satisfaction of the companions was high in three domains: 1) How the woman and the newborn were cared for (92,6; SD=11.5), 2) Welcoming in each place (89,9; SD=12.9), and 3) Explanation about what was happening (88,9; SD=14.1). The educational level was statistically related to the satisfaction in domain 3, not being present in the delivery room was statistically related to domain 1, and not receiving instructions from the physician regarding his role was statistically related to domain 2. The companions manifested high satisfaction with the experience of providing support to the women.

Maternal health services; Health services evaluation; Consumer satisfaction; Patient satisfaction; Parturition

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