Hand hygiene and patient safety: perspectives of professors and undergraduate students

Aline Santa Cruz Belela-Anacleto Bruna Elisa Catin Sousa Jamile Mika Yoshikawa Ariane Ferreira Machado Avelar Mavilde da Luz Gonçalves Pedreira About the authors

Quantitative exploratory study with the objective to identify the perspectives of professors and undergraduate students on aspects regarding hand hygiene and healthcare associated infections in their daily care practice. The study instrument was a questionnaire with seven statements related to the studied theme, which was answered by 109 undergraduate students and 53 professors at a public university in São Paulo, Brazil. Significant disagreement between the two groups was observed in regard to the statement that internship settings make supplies available at points that promote hand hygiene practices (p=0.02), while significant agreement (p<0.01) was observed in regard to the unavailability of alcohol-based handrub preparation for hand hygiene. Practical activities developed by the professors and undergraduate students take place at locations where there is not proper infrastructure for recommended hand hygiene practices, which may contribute to lapses in the care process and compromise patient safety.

Hand disinfection; Patient safety; Cross infection

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