Looks and knowledge: experiences of mothers and nursing staff regarding post-caesarean section pain

Sandra Elisa Sell Priscilli Carvalho Beresford Heloisa Helena Zimmer Riba Dias Olga Regina Zigelli Garcia Evanguelia Kotzias Atherino dos Santos About the authors

The aim of this exploratory-descriptive study was to identify the perceptions, knowledge and actions of postpartum women and nursing staff regarding pain after cesarean section. Data were collected through semi-structured interviews, conducted in May 2011 with 40 postpartum women who underwent a cesarean section, at the Rooming-In unit of a maternity at a teaching hospital in Florianópolis-SC, Brazil, and also with 22 nursing team members who attended the postpartum women. Data were analyzed in accordance with the Collective Subject Discourse proposal. The results show that pain after cesarean delivery is a reality all mothers who undergo this delivery method experience, although the nursing professionals are not anonymous about it, indicating the need to invest in professional qualification on pain management, including training and recycling.

Cesarean section; Pain; Nursing staff

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