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MODELS FOR THE IMPLEMENTATION OF EVIDENCE-BASED PRACTICE IN HOSPITAL BASED NURSING: A NARRATIVE REVIEW1 1 Extracted from dissertation - Analysis of the production and strategy of nursing research in order to strengthen its use in a teaching hospital of the Minas Gerais triangle, presented to the Programa de Pós-Graduação em Atenção à Saúde, Universidade Federal do Triângulo Mineiro (UFTM), in 2017



to identify models for the implementation of evidence - based practice in hospital based nursing.


this is a narrative review of the literature. After the identification of the models, a search of specific references on the topic of interest was carried out and the articles were published.


16 models are presented for the use of research in the practice of hospital nurses, published between 1970 and 2015. The stages for the implementation of the models were described with emphasis on the types of evidence and approaches for the use of the research.


in the analysis of the assumptions of the models described, it can be inferred that the use of research in the practice of hospital nurses requires knowledge and skills beyond the usual in the daily work. Thus, the challenge for the national scenario is the development of national models, specific to the reality experienced and, also, the elaboration of initiatives that portray the implementation and/or adaptation of the models proposed in an international scope.

Evidence-based nursing; Nursing research; Hospitals teaching; Nursing model; Evidence-based practice

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