Violence in the view of young people in the perspective of corporeality and vulnerability

Violencia sobre el punto de vista de los jovenes en la perspectiva de la corporeidad y vulnerabilidad

Elisangela Argenta Zanatta Maria da Graça Corso da Motta About the authors

The aim was to understand how violence is understood by the young, in their experience, in the perspective of corporeality and vulnerability. Qualitative research was undertaken with 21 young people, students of nursing at a university in the West of the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina. The information was produced based on a genogram and ecomap, and on the dynamics of creativity and sensitivity, these being interpreted in the light of Hermeneutics. The young understand violence as an absence of happiness, as something which harms their integrity; by violence, they understand the negligence existing in the relationship between parents and children and in the conflictual relationships experienced in the family. The study raised important elements for understanding the violence from the viewpoint of the young person, revealing the need to outline actions of nursing care which reduce the situations of vulnerability to this phenomenon which interferes in their way of being in the world.

Violence; Young people; Vulnerability in health; Nursing

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