Between powers: jurisdictions and conflict regulations in Middle Age: 5th to 15th centuries.

Fabiano Fernandes Renato Viana Boy About the authors


It is notorious that Medieval History has gained more and more space among Brazilian historians. In addition to the increase in the number of researchers, laboratories, publications and events in these area, we also observe a research in the Middle Ages, which today presents a diversification in the technical themes, methodological approaches, document sets, that favors an improvement and strengthens the medieval studies in Brazil, both in internal dialogues, between researchers from national institutions, and on the international scene. In this dossier, we propose to bring articles that discuss how power and authority relations in the uses of justice during the medieval period. The works proposed here, in addition to problems such as reflections on power and justice in the Middle Ages, start from a perspective of the new Political History and the new Cultural History, also open space for possible dialogues with areas such as Law and Political Science.

Medieval Right; Church and Power; State in the Middle Ages

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