Antonio Rodrigues Ferreira Junior Matheus Eduardo Passos Fontenele Rosalice Araújo de Sousa Albuquerque Francisco Meykel Amâncio Gomes Maria Eunice Nogueira Galeno Rodrigues About the authors


The research analyzed the process of socialization and transformation of nursing technicians into nurses through a descriptive and exploratory study, with a qualitative approach, conducted with 24 nursing technicians enrolled in an undergraduate course at a university in the state of Ceará, Brazil. The study was conducted between September and October 2016, through individual semi-structured interviews, with a thematic analysis in order to organize the data, which were discussed according to the presuppositions of the sociology of professions. Based on the results, three categories emerged: motivations for career progression; the dissimilarities between the work of the nurse technician and the nurse; and professional growth in the course of their studies. We noticed a process of professional socialization in the educational path of a nurse technician, which was motivated by a desire for career progression. The gradual transition is important so the technician can adapt to a new identity in the making, which can facilitate the migration among individuals with different levels of complexity in the nursing practice.

professional role; socialization; professional training; occupations in health care; nursing

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