Suffering in teaching: the case of the public network teachers of Montes Claros, Minas Gerais

Studies in the last decades have shown that teachers' illnesses originate in the paradox between their mission and the invisibility of teaching in the eyes of the school organization. The objective of this study is to identify possible intersections between the excess and strictness of the demands, made without providing the conditions needed for the required teaching work, and the reports of frustration among those professionals. To assess the work of nine teachers in the classroom, the authors adopted the methodology of work activity ergonomics. It was found that the teachers, after intervening countless times to separate students fighting in class, at other times do not turn their attention to the fact. In such moments they ignore the lack of discipline, seemingly expressing a strategy to deal with the disturbance. The results indicate the preparation of a planning model with time estimates for the numerous activities established by the school's new mission, aiming to reduce crowding in the classroom and avoid the overlapping of tasks, which contribute markedly to the students' disruptions.

health and work; ergonomics; teachers; suffering

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