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Territory and territorialization: incorporating the production, labor, environment, and health relations in primary health care

This article aims to bring together theoretical subsidies for a critical approach to the territorialization practices that are provided for in the Health System's Primary Health Care and to offer a few practical elements to guide its expansion through the incorporation of new views and environmental and worker health issues, as proposed in the territory. To achieve this, the territory and territorialization concepts are questioned based on different notions in order to dialogue with the attributions and challenges of Health Surveillance and, in particular, of the Family Health Strategy. The production-labor, health-environment relations are discussed with regard to their relevance for the understanding of the living dynamics of the health-disease process in the territory. Finally, a few steps that can contribute to the reorganization and expansion of the territorialization practices in Primary Health Care are presented.

territorialization; basic health care; health surveillance; occupational health; environmental health

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