Use of active methods in the technical training of community health agents

Ivanilda Lacerda Pedrosa Gildeci Alves de Lira Bernadete de Oliveira Maria do Socorro Moura Lins Silva Maria Betânea dos Santos Eliete Alves da Silva Djacyr Magna Cabral Freire

The purpose of this report is to systematize the experience with active methodologies within the technical training of community health agents of the Federal University of Paraíba's Technical School of Health. The course is organized in stages, the first of which has already been completed and was aimed at contributing to building the identity of the community health agents. Applying active methods leads students to reflect on their work process and transform their reality, benefiting from it, given that it awakens a critical sense and the pursuit of changes in their relationships with themselves, with the user, and with the community at large. The results were positive, including with regard to strengthening the use of active methods in the teaching-learning process used at the school providing the training.

community health worker; technical training; active methodology

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