Technical training of community health agents: challenges and achievements of the Technical School of Health of Tocantins

Clemilson Antonio da Silva Iolanda Querido Rocha Márcia Cristina Godoy Siqueira Maria do Socorro Andrade Modesto Fernanda Pereira da Silva Ana Maria Ferreira Costa About the authors

This report deals with the experience of the Technical School of Health of Tocantins in the educational process of technical training of community health agents. It presents how these agents were trained to work with the multidisciplinary health care team in a critical, reflective, and ethical reality changing professional approach. The report also highlights the development of actions of social integration, health promotion and the prevention of disorders in the family and community. Technical training of community health agents includes three modules, with a total workload of 1,200 hours. In the first module issues such as background, approach and design of the professional profile of the agent were contemplated; in the second, health promotion and disease prevention targeted at specific groups and prevalent diseases, and in the third, the promotion, prevention and monitoring of situations of Health Surveillance. The Technical School of Health of Tocantins opted for the decentralization of classrooms (69 classes) in 18 training poles, meeting the demand of the 139 municipalities in the state, facilitating the participation of 2,219 students/civil servants who have completed the entire training curriculum.

community health agents; technical schools; training of human resources; national health care system; health strategy of the family

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