Quality of life of public school science teachers in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Liliani Mathias Brum Cati Reckelberg Azambuja João Felipe Peres Rezer Daiana Sonego Temp Cristiane Köhler Carpilovsky Luis Felipe Lopes Maria Rosa Chitolina Schetinger About the authors

The investigation regarding the quality of life of science teachers and the search for improvements that ameliorate these professionals' performance in primary education schools can be a way to reduce inequalities in education in Brazil and help teachers progress, not only from the educational but also from the social viewpoint. This study aimed to analyze indicators of physical and mental quality of life among science teachers in a public school located in the interior of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. The information that was assessed included the demographic, economic, occupational and domestic characteristics, data on physical exertion and health, on mental health conditions, as well as the medical diagnoses most frequently mentioned by the teachers ever since they started working in the profession. The teachers brought up several complaints about their health and quality of life, such as nervousness; hoarseness; back, arm and leg pain; and tingling and swelling in the legs. It was concluded that knowledge of this evidence may contribute to preparing measures for the systematic reorganization of the work and directly influence the teachers' quality of life, affording them better performance in the activity of educating.

quality of life; teachers; science; schools

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