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The Selecta Contest: Music and War in Brazilian Society during the First World War (1915-1919)


This paper analyzes the production and circulation of marching or war songs in Brazil during the First World War and the immediate post-war period (1914-1919), using the national press as its main source. First, it proposes a small debate on marching or war songs based on the most recent historiography on the First World War and the concepts of war culture and propaganda, focusing on studies on the relationship between music and war. In the absence of Brazilian scholarship on the topic in relation to the First World War, the article also references some Brazilian studies on the theme of marching or war songs in general. Second, the article analyzes the debate around the contest of marching songs organized by the carioca magazine Selecta, launched in mid-1915 by the group Fon-Fon! Finally, the article complements its analysis with the inclusion of three marching songs produced by notorious personalities of Brazilian music and literature published in the Rio de Janeiro press.

War Culture; Cultural Impacts; Press; Propaganda; Music

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