Empirical Evidence on the Relationship between Coparenting and Temperament: A Systematic Review of the Literature

Evidências Empíricas sobre a Relação entre Coparentalidade e Temperamento: Uma Revisão Sistemática da Literatura

Evidencias Empíricas sobre la Relación entre Coparentalidad y Temperamento: Una Revisión Sistemática de la Literatura

Monica Barreto João Paulo Koltermann Maria Aparecida Crepaldi Mauro Luís Vieira About the authors


The aim of this review was to analyze the empirical studies that have measured temperament and coparenting. Accordingly, we sought to answer the question: “What is the relationship between the variables of coparenting and temperament in empirical studies, considering the different theoretical approaches, the different instruments used and families with children between zero and 11 years of age?” The databases chosen for this review were VHL-Psi, PsycINFO, PubMed, Scopus and Web of Science. The VHL-Psi database was searched, however, no articles were found. A total of 28 articles were selected, which were analyzed in their entirety and described regarding the number of participants, method, instruments used and other variables measured. The results regarding the relationship between coparenting and temperament were organized into six categories. Only two articles indicated a lack of significant relationships between the two variables. Temperament as a predictor of coparenting and the moderating role of coparenting as a risk and protection factor were highlighted. Bidirectional relationships between variables were addressed in only three articles and the lack of studies in this direction was evident. Differences in the coparenting of fathers and mothers highlight the importance of gender discussions.

Coparenting; temperament; systematic review

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