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Motherhood and Work: Experience of Women with Established Careers

Maternidade e Trabalho: Experiência de Mulheres com Carreiras Profissionais Consolidadas

Maternidad y Trabajo: Experiencia de Mujeres con Carreras Profesionales Consolidadas


We aimed to investigate the experience of primiparous mothers with established careers in relation to motherhood and their work, from pregnancy to the end of maternity leave. Three public employees participated, answering interviews. Qualitative content analysis showed that the experiences of participants were similar in several aspects. Repercussions of work in the experience of motherhood were identified from pregnancy, considering concerns regarding changes and reconciliation of maternal and professional demands. Feelings of insecurity and ambivalence were also present when babies entered daycare center and women returned to work. Since the pregnancy, changes aiming at managing the demands of work and motherhood were identified. Family, social and organizational support received by the participants contributed to this management. Nevertheless, a sense of overload by the accumulation of activities after the baby’s entrance in daycare center and the mother’s return to work were evidenced, which corroborates literature on the subject.

Motherhood; work; family relations; dual careers; mother-child relations

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