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Achieving perfection with the buddhist faith: a probe into the matter-of-fact attitude in research on religious funerary documents in China1 1 The research is supported by: Phased Achievement of Henan Philosophy and Social Science Planning Project “Research on Modular Design of Oracle” (Project No: 2020BYS027); phased achievements of the Social Science Project of Henan Science and Technology Department, “Research on Metro Art and Visual Design from the Perspective of Shaping Cultural Image of the Central Plains -Taking Luoyang Metro as an Example” (Project No: 182400410414)

Alcançar a perfeição com a fé budista: uma sondagem sobre a atitude verdadeira na pesquisa de documentos funerários religiosos na China

Lizhi Xing About the author


In Research on Religious Funerary Documents in China, the author studies the religious funerary documents used at funerals for more than two thousand years from the Warring-States period (475-221 BC) to the present with the truth-seeking and objective attitudes. Besides some criticisms and reasonable doubts, he points out that the previous articles present a somewhat lopsided view with prejudice when the scholars interpret the existing literature. He further explores the underlying implications of the archaeological materials based on studying large numbers of references. In this way, reliable conclusions are obtained with rigorous academic attitude.

Religious Funerary Documents, China; Truth-Seeking; Questioning; Rigorousness

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