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Confucian harmony and the idea of sustainable development in modern society1 1 The research is supported by Confucian and National Spirit of Chinese Literature and Art, Sponsored by the Special Funds of Shandong Taishan Scholars Project (n. TSQN201812037); Overall View of Qilu Culture, which is a major project of The Social Science Fund of Shandong (21AWTJ02).

Harmonia confuciana e a ideia de desenvolvimento sustentável na sociedade moderna.

Fuxing Ren Jun Wang Wenming Lv About the authors


Youzi, Confucius’ disciple, proposed the thought of “Harmony is Valued”, which was also the value pursuit of Confucius. They interpreted the implication of “Harmony” from practicing the rules of propriety. “He” means “harmony”. Mencius called the harmony between people “Support of the People”, and he discussed the harmonious coexistence between the revolutionaries and the public from the perspective of “Benevolent Policy” and “Good Nature”. Xunzi explained the institution, normalization and impartiality necessary for society from the aspect of “Harmony”, which expanded the theoretical implication of “Harmony”. Confucian thought of “Harmony is Valued” is also the embodiment of the ideology of “Advocating Fairness” and “Harmony Between Man and Nature”, which contained the thought of the harmonious relationship between people and nature. Confucian thought of “Harmony is Valued” has achieved an innovative development in modern society, which complies with the idea of sustainable development. It is of great referential significance for rethinking the relation between people, the relation between human and nature, and the relation between economic development and natural environment etc.

Confucian; “Harmony is Valued”; Sustainable development

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