Psychometric properties of the revised conscientiousness dimension of Inventário Dimensional Clínico da Personalidade (IDCP)

Propriedades psicométricas da versão revisada da dimensão conscienciosidade do Inventário Dimensional Clínico da Personalidade (IDCP)

Lucas de Francisco Carvalho Bruna Daniela Balbino de Souza Ricardo Primi About the authors

This study investigated the psychometric properties of the revised scale of conscientiousness of a clinical personality inventory (Inventário Dimensional Clínico da Personalidade, IDCP). One hundred and twenty participants (68 women; 56.7%) aged 18 to 53 years (mean = 22.58, standard deviation = 6.19) were recruited by convenience and answered the IDCP and the NEO Personality Inventory - Revised. The analysis of internal structure, association with external variables and reliability of the dimension under review confirmed its validity. The psychometric characteristics of the revised dimension seem to be more adequate than those of the original version and more focused on pathological functioning, which was expected and desirable.

Psychiatric disorders; DSM-IV-TR; psychopathology

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