Solid waste management: the case of the sustainable development consortium of alto sertão in Bahia

Thomas Leonardo Marques de Castro Leal Rubens Jesus Sampaio About the authors


Through the shared environmental management among the federated entities, this work aimed to discuss household solid waste management and the environmental governance instruments of the municipalities that compose a Public Consortium in Bahia. To this end, the data were collected from the National Sanitation Information System (SNIS) and compared with interviews conducted with the Municipal Secretariat of Environment, beyond information collected on spot. Through the analysis of the data, it was possible to realize that there is a disparity between the SNIS data and those observed in the field. It was also noticeable that the municipalities’ initiatives in municipal environmental management are still incipient, although the provisions of Law 12.305 have already been in force for over nine years.

Solid waste; Municipalities; Management

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