Urban resistance through images: two experiences in Bairro da Torre

Rosa Arma About the author


Two participatory interventions are presented here - the making of the documentary “Article 65” and of the process of photovoice with children which resulted in the exhibition “Voices of the Right to the City” -, implemented in Bairro da Torre, a self-produced neighborhood in Greater Lisbon, Portugal. Through the analysis of these processes, we seek to reflect on the creative exercise of image production as a tool that acts towards the emancipation of those involved, and on its contribution to the production of a critical knowledge about stereotyped visions of self-produced suburbs, aiming at “rethinking” them to be able to contribute to new approaches of intervention. The challenges of the contemporary city point to the need for the valorization and inclusion of local knowledge and the energies and creative powers of children, individuals, groups and communities living in vulnerable contexts for the transformation of the society and the city.

Documentary; Photovoice; Children; Self-produced neighborhood; Emancipatory approach

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