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La Personne Catholique. Comment des catholiques brésiliens pensent l'être humain

What is the notion of the person among the Catholics of the Casa Amarela neighbourhood (Recife, Brazil)? This article discusses the way these Catholics conceive of their "self " in a modern Western context. In this case it is possible to show how this notion is both inscribed in the Christian tradition of the notion of the person and contains creative reinterpretations. It seems reasonable to conclude that it is founded upon the components "God" (catholic deity), "body", and "soul", and their multiple combinations, generating the idea of a "dividual" and "individual" being that also includes other others. The article adopts a cosmological perspective in order to initiate the description of the way these Catholics think about themselves, the world and their relations with others.

notion of the person; Catholics; cosmology; Brazil; Recife

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