Remaking everything: the clash between Bigfoot, the termites and other strange miasmic emanations in an old industrial design school

Refazendo tudo: o encontro entre Pezão, os cupins e outras estranhas emanações miasmáticas em uma velha escola de desenho industrial

Zoy Anastassakis About the author


This essay in speculative fabulation deals with the "ESDI Aberta" movement (2016-2017), in which students, alumni, professors and employees of the Superior School of Industrial Design, State University of Rio de Janeiro (ESDI/UERJ), have invested in alternative ways to live in difference, in response to the administrative and financial crisis that affects not only ESDI and UERJ, but all institutions of public education in the country. Accompanying the Esdian experiments with Donna Haraway and Tim Ingold, this essay suggests that the crisis affecting universities can be re-envisioned as an opportunity for resurgence and the collective production of spaces for living together in difference. Mobilizing notions such as correspondence and interstitial differentiation (Ingold), response-ability and sympoiesis (Haraway), it evokes the termites that occupied the campus of the school, the ex-Governor Luiz Fernando de Souza (Pezão), and other strange miasmatic emanations that have become unfastened from the buried Lagoa do Boqueirão da Ajuda.

correspondence; speculative fabulation; State University of Rio de Janeiro; Superior School of Industrial Design; sympoiesis

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