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Aim and editorial policy

The Brazilian Journal of Veterinary Research and Animal Science is published under the direction of the Publishing Committee, Faculdade de Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia da Universidade de São Paulo (School of Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics, University of São Paulo).

The concepts therein presented are to be attributed exclusively to authors. Acceptance of articles for publication is conditioned to the observance of the editorial instructions, and to the reports issued by the Editorial Board, the Publishing Committee and/or ad hoc referees.

All reports are confidential and impartial, and both authors and members of the Editorial Board and/or ad hoc referees will not have access to any identifying information pertaining to each other. Articles and all other correspondence should be sent to the address below.

The purpose of the journal is to publish full articles, preliminary reports and review articles on the fields of veterinary medicine, zootechnics and related subjects, produced by Brazilian and/or foreign specialists, as long as they comply with the editorial instructions.


Editorial instructions

Full article

1. Should be unpublished and must not have been concurrently submitted to other journals.

2. Should not exceed a maximum of ten typed pages.

3. Should be written in Portuguese, following officially accepted spelling, or in English.

4. Should use only official nomenclatures and widely accepted abbreviations. The title should not bear any abbreviations.

5. Should be structured according to the following:

a) Introduction
b) Material and Method
c) Results
d) Discussion
e) Conclusions
f) References
g) Summary and uniterms.

Results, Discussion and Conclusions may be grouped under a single denomination, except when otherwise determined by the Editorial Board.

6. Should have two summaries , in English and in Portuguese, which should not exceed a maximum of 250 (two hundred and fifty) words, followed by uniterms [also in both languages], limited to 5 (five). Uniterms should be words or expressions that identify the content of the article. The summaries don't have paragraphs and its uniterms should be written in both capital and lower case.

Preliminary Report

1. Should be unpublished and must not have been concurrently submitted to other journals.

2. Must not exceed a maximum of three typed pages.

3. Should be written in Portuguese, following officially accepted spelling, or in English.

4. Should use only official nomenclatures and widely accepted abbreviations. The title should not bear any abbreviations.

5. Should not be subdivided in separate sections (Introduction, Material and Method etc.), but should have summaries and uniterms in both languages, as well as references.

Review articles

Review articles are invited by the Publishing Committee, and are only published by renowned specialists. However, a draft of a review article can be submitted to the Committee, without previous consultation. If the draft is considered appropriate, the authors will be invited to prepare the article for publication. These articles should follow the instructions for full articles, but not divided in Introduction, Material and Method, Results and Discussion. However, they should have two summaries, uniterms in both languages and references, as described for the submission of full articles.


Manuscript format

1. Typing: text should be provided on a 3.5-inch high-density floppy disk, properly identified with title of the article and name(s) of the author(s), accompanied by three print-outs, including tables and references. Page and paragraph settings must be as follows: single side A4 page (21.0 x 29.7 cm), double-spacing, 2.5 cm margins, 10 point Times New Roman font. Pages should be numbered consecutively. Illustrations and captions should be presented in separate sheets. One of the following word-processors may be used: Microsoft Word.

2. Title page: all articles should have a title page with title of the article in both languages, name(s) and affiliation of the author(s). A footnote is required with the full address (including e-mail) of the author to whom correspondence should be sent. All identifying data pertaining to the author(s) should appear on this page, and on no other, for the sake of confidentiality and impartiality. Grants, if any, should be acknowledged to the granting institution.

3. Tables: should be numbered in Arabic numerals, and have a title followed by locality and date. Construction of tables should comply with the Table Presentation Instructions (Normas de Apresentação Tabular) established by the National Council of Statistics (Conselho Nacional de Estatística) (Rev. Bras. Est., v. 24, p. 42-60, 1963). The number of tables is limited to five. Exceptionally, this limit may be exceeded when authorized by the Editorial Board.

4. Illustrations (photographs, graphs, drawings etc.): should be numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals and named as figures. All figures are to be identified on separate sheets, bearing title of the article and indication of the point in the text where the figure should appear. Captions should also be presented in separate sheets. Original drawings should be laser-printed on high-quality paper. Illustrations are limited to three per article. Reproduction expenses of additional illustrations will be charged to the author. Color illustrations, regardless of how many, will be charged.

5. References: should be arranged in alphabetical order of authors surname, separated by semicolon, and numbered consecutively. Titles of journals should be spelled out, never abbreviated. The references follow NBR-6023/2000 standard, that should be consulted for other document types not exemplified in the Instructions to the Authors.

Example of a journal

KOTZEKIDOV, P.; BLOUKAS, J.G. Effect of protective cultures and packaging film permeatibility on shelf-life of sliced vacuum-pocked cooked ham. Meat Science, v.42, n.3, p.333-45, 1996.

Example of a book in full

HALLIWELL, R.E.W.; GORMAN, N.T. Veterinary clinical immunology. London : W.B. Saunders, 1989. 548 p.

Example of different authors for the book and one of its chapters

FENNER, W.R. Avaliação neurológica dos pacientes. In: ETTINGER, S.J. Tratado de medicina interna veterinária. 3.ed. São Paulo : Manole, 1992. p.577-606.

Example of a single author for the book and chapter

THORTON, H. Deleterius changes in meat. In: THORTON, H. Aspects of meat inspection. London: Thindall & Cassel, 1973. p. 63-72.

Example of a thesis

BIRGEL, E. H. Estudo do quadro eritrocitário de caprinos (Capra hircus, L.) normais criados no Estado de São Paulo: influências de fatores raciais, sexuais, etários e alimentares, 1973. 92 f. Tese (Livre Docência) - Faculdade de Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia, Universidade de São Paulo, São Paulo.

Example of a proceedings

OLIVEIRA, C.A. Hormonoterapia em cadelas e gatas. In: CONGRESSO BRASILEIRO DE REPRODUÇÃO ANIMAL, 9., Belo Horizonte, 1991. Anais. Belo Horizonte: Colégio Brasileiro de Reprodução Animal, 1991. p.100-11.

Example of an electronic monography

POORE, M. H. Alternative feeds for beef cattle. North Carolina: North Carolina Corporative Extension Service, 1994. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 23 abr. 1997.

Example of eletronic articles

MENDONÇA JR., C.X.; MARTINS, A.P.; MORI, A.V.; SILVA, A.B.; MORI, C.S. Efeito da adição de óleo de peixe à dieta sobre o desempenho e níveis de lípides plasmáticos e de colesterol no ovo de galinhas poedeiras. Brazilian Journal of Veterinary Research and Animal Science, v.37, n.1. 2000. Disponível em: <http:/cgi_bin/wxis.exe/iach/scielo>. Acesso em: 31 jan. 2001

6. Citations in the text: use superscript numerals. Whenever indispensable for understanding purposes, combine surname of the author with the corresponding superscript numeral, as found in the references. This being the case, and whenever the citation consists of two authors, both of them should be cited. For more than two authors, citation should include surname of the first author followed by the expression et al., in upper and lower case, as in the following examples:

Triparthy e Hanson11

Yanaguita et al.9


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