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Basic Information

The Brazilian Political Science Review (BPSR) was launched in 2007 with the mission of disseminating high quality scientific papers on topics of political science and international relations, thereby contributing to the exchange of ideas in the international political science community and the internationalization of scientific knowledge produced in Brazil.

Published by the Brazilian Association of Political Science, the BPSR welcomes the diversity of themes, problems and theoretical and methodological approaches present in the various sub-areas of political science and international relations. Its editorial scope is thus both disciplinary and broad and covers the whole range of research: theoretical and/or empirical; transnational, international or on a particular country; quantitative and/or qualitative.

The only Brazilian scientific journal in the field of political science published entirely in English, the BPSR accepts works by foreign and Brazilian authors.

The BPSR publishes original articles, research notes, review essays, and reviews of books published by international publishers in which Brazil is one of the countries studied. Each kind of manuscript is published in related specific sections. The journal does not welcome proposals for special issues, thematic reports or interviews, although in exceptional cases, for reasons of interest to the journal, the editorial board may decide to request submissions of these, which are published in BPSR Forum section.

All draft articles submitted to the BPSR must be unpublished and may not have been submitted for review by other publications. Unpublished articles include those not published in whole or in part in journals, books or on websites. Articles published in proceedings on academic events, in personal profiles on academic platforms, in preliminary versions such as working papers or in preprint platforms are also regarded as unpublished. Once the article evaluation process has begun, the original text and any revised versions thereof may not be published in any way whatsoever until such time as it is published by the journal. During the evaluation process, the original article and any revised versions thereof are screened by means of plagiarism detection software.

All submissions are subjected to a double-blind peer review process except for book reviews, which are reviewed by the BPSR's editorial board. Peer reviews may be credited to reviewers by name at their option. 

The BPSR imposes a publication interval of two years between articles by the same author within the same document category. This restriction does not apply to book reviews or articles published in BPSR Forum section. The BPSR does not accept simultaneous submissions of multiple articles by the same author for the same category.

The BPSR charges an article processing charge (APC) payable by authors whose articles are approved for publication, which is used exclusively to cover the costs of translation into English and/or proofreading in cases where the article is submitted in English. These services are performed by professionals selected and recruited by the BPSR. The value of the article processing charge varies according to document type. Members of the Brazilian Association of Political Science are eligible for a discount. The BPSR issues receipts to authors as proof of payment of the article processing charge.

The BPSR adopts the continuous publication model. Three issues comprise one volume.

Its abbreviated title is Bras. Political Sci. Rev, which should be used in bibliographies, footnotes and bibliographical references and strips.


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Intellectual Property

The BPSR holds an “Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)” Creative Commons license. This allows for the copying and redistribution of published material in any medium or format, for any purpose, including commercial purposes, provided that the author and original source (BPSR) are acknowledged. More information about the license can be found at:

By submitting an article, the authors agree to abide by the BPSR’s editorial policies and to cede copyright for the article to the Brazilian Association of Political Science.



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