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 Scope and Policy

The BPSR publishes original articles, research notes, , review essays, and reviews of books published by international publishers in which Brazil is one of the countries studied. Each kind of manuscript is published in related specific sections. The journal does not welcome proposals for special issues, thematic reports or interviews, although in exceptional cases, for reasons of interest to the journal, the editorial board may decide to request submissions of these, which are published in BPSR Forum section.

All draft articles submitted to the BPSR must be unpublished and may not have been submitted for review by other publications. Unpublished articles includes those not published in whole or in part in journals,, books or on websites. Articles published in proceedings on academic events, in personal profiles on academic platforms, in preliminary versions such as working papers or in preprint platforms are also regarded as unpublished. Once the article evaluation process has begun the original text and any revised versions thereof may not be published in any way whatsoever until such time as it is published by the journal. During the evaluation process, the original article and any revised versions thereof are screened by means of plagiarism detection software.

All submissions are subjected to a double-blind peer review process except for book reviews, which are reviewed by the BPSR's editorial board. Peer reviews may be credited to reviewers by name at their option. 

In keeping with trends in scientific publishing worldwide, the BPSR checks and replicates the results presented in articles prior to publication and curates the data that support them. It makes databases and metadata available on the BPSR website and in the Harvard Dataverse.

All BPSR published materials have backup provided by SciELO. Permanent access at any time to BRSR content, nowadays or in the future, is granted by SciELO as well, even in the event that the journal gets no longer published.

The BPSR imposes a publication interval of two years between articles by the same author within the same document category. This restriction does not apply to book reviews or articles published in BPSR Forum section. The BPSR does not accept simultaneous submissions of multiple articles by the same author for the same category.

The BPSR charges an article processing charge (APC) payable by authors whose articles are approved for publication, which is used exclusively to cover the costs of translation into English and/or proofreading in cases where the article is submitted in English. Neither book reviews nor articles published in BPSR Frum section pay APC. These services are performed by professionals selected and recruited by the BPSR. The fee varies according to the type of submission. Members of the Brazilian Association of Political Science are eligible for a discount.

Article processing charge (APC) amounts 

Type of submission

Article processing charge (APC)



ABCP member (BRL)


ABCP member


Original articles





Bibliographical review essays





Research in progress reports





Updated in January 2020

By making submissions to the BPSR, the authors agree to abide by its editorial policy, such that: all submitted articles shall be original; simultaneous submissions shall not be accepted and that it shall not be possible to publish a new article in the BPSR for a period of two years; copyright shall be ceded to the Brazilian Association of Political Science; the authors shall commit to submitting data files for publication on the BPSR website and the Harvard Dataverse repository and to making any modifications requested, and; the authors shall pay the article processing charge if the article is approved for publication.

Data editing

Authors submitting empirical papers should provide, when and if their article is approved, the database used for analysis, the code dictionary describing the variables and the code for replication, or the series of analysis steps.

The database must be provided in a format that is easily accessible to conventional statistical software packages such as R, Stata, SPSS and Excel.

The code dictionary shall indicate the name of the variable, its description and the data source.

Where appropriate, code for analysis replication should be extensively commented.

Where the article does not use statistical software that allows for the creation of a replication code, the authors should describe the steps one by one so that replication is possible.

The authors may make additional materials available to the database. The translation or linguistic proofreading of such documents will incur an additional processing fee (APC).


Non-Lusophone authors must submit their articles in English.  Lusophone authors may submit their articles in Portuguese or English.


Form and  preparation of  manuscripts

Documents for submission

The cover page, the body of the article, the tables, graphs and figures must be submitted in separate files and named according to their content. On the submission platform, each document may be uploaded according to its category.


1) The cover page identifies the authors and should state their name(s), affiliation, ORCID record, city, state and country. The document should also provide an abbreviated curriculum vitae of each author setting out his/her academic training and any employment relationships.

2) The abstract may be of up to 250 words; there is a specific field for the abstract on the submission platform.

3) The BPSR accepts up to five descriptors (keywords); there is a specific field for them on the submission platform.

4) The text of the article MUST NOT identify any of the authors.

Length of articles

Original articles: up to 9,000 words, including references, tables and graphs.

Bibliographical review essays: up to 6,000 words, including references, tables and graphs.

Research in progress reports: up to 2,500 words, including references, tables and graphs.

Book Reviews: up to 1,900 words, including references, tables and graphs.


The text of the article should be written using a word processor, preferably Word (Microsoft).

Any explanatory notes should be inserted at the foot of each page and should be numbered sequentially. This should be done sparingly.

Tables should preferably be submitted in Excel (Microsoft) format. Each table must have a descriptive title of its content, which must be provided above the table. The source of the data must be provided below the table. Any explanatory notes should be presented outside the table. Tables should not contain words in bold or italics.

Graphs should preferably be submitted in Excel (Microsoft) format, or otherwise formatted according to the BPSR editorial standard (Cambria, size 11). Each graph should have a descriptive title of its content, which should be entered above it. The source of the data and any explanatory notes should be provided below the graph. Internally, graphs should not contain bold or italicized words.

There is no set format for figures and illustrations. Titles, captions, sources of data and any explanatory notes should be provided outside the figure and should not be bold or italicized. The internal written content of the figures and illustrations should be in Cambria font, size 11.


In the main text, tables, graphs or figures references should follow scientific international notation, e.g.: (FIGUEIREDO, 9999); or (FIGUEIREDO, 999:99).

A reference list must be included at the end of the manuscript, starting on a separate page, unnumbered, and in alphabetical order. They must include all authors referred to in the text, tables, graphs or figures, following the criteria:

  • Books: FIGUEIREDO, Marcus (no period)(9999), Life on Saturn. Rio de Janeiro: Editora Saturno. 999 pp. (number of pages of the article, with the point of page abbreviation and the end point of the sentence.)
  • Edited book: FIGUEIREDO, Marcus (Ed no period) (9999), Life on Saturn. Rio de Janeiro: Editora Saturno. 999 pp.
  • Book sections (chapters): SILVA, Arnaldo (9999), Looking for Stars. In: Life on Saturn. Edited by FIGUEIREDO, Marcus. Rio de Janeiro: Editora Saturno. pp. 123-133 (number of pages in chapter).
  • Articles: FIGUEIREDO, Marcus (9999), Life on Saturn. Brazilian Politic Science Review. Vol. 01, Nº 01, pp. 123-124.
  • Electronic sources: FIGUEIREDO, Marcus (9999), Life on Saturn. Available at <electronic address>. Accessed on March 08, 2019.
  • Quote from journal: SURNAME, name of the author of the article. Title of article. Title of journal, location, day, month and year. Journal, section or supplement title, start and end pages.
  • Interview: SURNAME, Name of interviewee. Title of interview. Name of interviewer. Date (day, month and year), location. No. of pages or duration.
  • Paper at scientific event: SURNAME, Name of author (9999), Title of paper. Paper presented at Name of event



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