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Basic information

CADERNO CRH, a Social Sciences journal published every four month, is organized and edited by the Centro de Recursos Humanos (Center of Human Resources) - CRH, in co-edition with the Publishing House of the Universidade Federal da Bahia (Federal University of Bahia) - EDUFBA. The journal encompasses unpublished texts papers of renowned academic interest and updated topics on social sciences, namely bibliographic essays and reviews of recently published books.

The Centro de Recursos Humanos (Human Resources Center) is a Supplementary Body of the Faculdade de Filosofia e Ciências Humanas (School of Philosophy and Social Sciences) of the Universidade Federal da Bahia (Federal University of Bahia); an interdisciplinary Center oriented to research, supplementary teaching and University Extension (continuing education courses) in social fields. Created in 1969, it aims at thinking critically about the nature and character of the Brazilian development and its regional heterogeneities and specificities, in tune with the best thoughts on national social sciences.

In 2004, the journal was consolidated as a national social sciences journal, being published every four months. The scope of its academic objectives was shown by the support it received from a meaningful representation of the national and international academia, who have collaborated as authors, coordinators of dossiers, reviewers, readers and members of the Board, which has shown that CADERNO CRHhas crossed the restricted institution boundaries, being open to the network of national collaborators and foreign centers, ensuring the regular process of evaluation and its publication standards, supported by a highly conceited revision group.

Its abbreviated title is Cad. CRH, which should be used in bibliographies, footnotes and bibliographical references and strips.


Indexing source


  • CLASE - Citas Latinoamericanas en Sociología y Economía
  • Sociological Abstract


Intellectual property

  • All content of the journal, except where identified, is licensed under a Creative Commons attribution-type BY.
  • The on line journal has open and free access



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  • The Journal is sponsored by the Program for the Support of Scientific Publications of the National Counsel of Technological and Scientific Development (CNPq) and by the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel ( CAPES).



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