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Scope and Policy

Papers submitted to JMOe are numbered by the electronic management system and analyzed by the editors. If they are in a proper format, they come under revision. Then at least two researchers (usually, a Brazilian and a foreigner) who are experts in the area of the paper are chosen. The electronic management system sends a link to them with access to the paper and the review form with a request for review.

Reviewers are asked to inform, in one week, if the review will be performed or not. If not, new referees are chosen and requested to review the paper. At the end of the review process, if the reviews are congruent and the editors agree with them, the authors are informed of the result.

In the case of two different reviews, the paper is submitted to a third reviewer. In case of approval, it may be asked (or not, depending on the situation) a final format revision. After that, the paper is sent to publication.

If the result is re-submission, authors are informed and receive the feedback from the reviewers. Authors have approximately one month to re-submit the revised version of the paper.

The revised paper is sent to the same reviewers, in order for them to check if the suggestions were accomplished and if the paper can now be accepted. When the paper is rejected, the authors are informed and receive the feedback from the reviewers to understand the reasons for this result.

The Editors or the Associate Editors, only, contact the authors and reviewers through the electronic management system. The other members of the Editorial Board help indicating reviewers, advising on ethical matters, assisting in the final decision and, eventually, participating as reviewers.

Every two years, the Brazilian Microwave and Optoelectronics Society and the Brazilian Society of Electromagnetism jointly organize the MOMAG Symposium. The authors of the papers ranked best in this event are invited to submit an extended version of these papers to JMOe. In this case, the review process of these extended versions is conducted by guest editors who follow the journal standards.

The areas of interest of JMOe are: Electromagnetic Field Analysis, Computer Aided Design, Microwave Technologies, Photonic Technologies, Packaging, Integration and Test, Millimeter Wave & Lightwave Technologies, Electromagnetic Applications and other topics such as education, industrial, biological and medical applications; broadband microwave and optical communication systems; wireless and cellular communications, optical networks and services; microwave and optical sensors.

JMOe publishes scientific, original and complete papers. The journal serves the national and international scientific community.

Articles accepted for publication become property of the journal.


Form and preparation of manuscripts

Form and preparation of the manuscripts are available in the journal template at the JMOe home page ( The template file follows enclosed to this form.


Send of the manuscripts

Submissions should be uploaded through the electronic management system at JMOe site (

There are no fees for submission and review articles.



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