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Aim and editorial policy

1. Mana: Estudos de Antropologia Social accepts the following types of contributions:
  • Original articles (up to 11,500 words including bibliographical references and notes).
  • Bibliographical essays (up to 4,400 words including bibliographical references and notes): critical reviews of single books or various books dealing with correlated subjects.
  • Bibliographical reviews (up to 1,600 words): short reviews of recent books.

2. Articles will be reviewed by the Editorial Committee (as to whether they fit the journal's profile and editorial line) and ad hoc reviewers (in relation to their content and academic quality).

Original contributions in Portuguese and Spanish will be accepted.

There are no fees for submission and review articles.


Presentation of originals

3. Manuscripts should be submitted in Microsoft Word after registering in the SciELO platform ( All references to the author must be suppressed.

4. Articles must include an abstract of between 100 and 150 words, in Portuguese, English and Spanish, as well as titles and keywords in the same languages. Only his institutional affiliation should be included below the author’s name. After the conclusion the author should insert a small professional biography, indicating institution, position, title, and main research interests, as well as electronic address.

5. Footnotes should come at the end of the text and should not be simple bibliographical references.

6. Bibliographical references should appear in the body of the text with the following format: author's surname / space / year of publication: / space / pages), as the example: (Wagley 1977: 160-162).

7. The bibliography in alphabetical order should come after the endnotes and follow the format used in the following examples (with particular attention to punctuation, spaces, use of italics, and capitalization):


SAHLINS, Marshall. 1985. Islands of History. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press.

DOUGLAS, Mary (org.). 1970. Witchcraft, Confessions & Accusations. London: Tavistock Publications.

Article in a collectanea

FERNANDES, Florestan. 1976. "Aspectos da Educação na Sociedade Tupinambá". In: E. Schaden (org.), Leituras de Etnologia Brasileira. São Paulo: Cia. Editora Nacional. pp. 63-86.

Article in a journal

LÉVI-STRAUSS, Claude. 1988. "Exode sur Exode". L'Homme, XXVIII(2-3):13-23.

Thesis and Dissertation

CROCKER, Cristopher. 1967. Social Organization of the Eastern Bororo. Ph.D. Dissertation, Harvard University.

8. Review articles and book reviews should include the full reference of the works analyzed, indicating the number of pages for each one. Book reviews should not have a title nor contain notes or bibliographical references.

9. Submission of articles implies ceding of the copyright to the journal.

10. For more information, consult the editors of Mana Journal through the email

11. The articles will be peer reviewed by at least two reviewers whose work falls into the same area of research. Reviewers will be from national and/or foreign reseacrh and/or teaching Institutions, and will have a proven record of scientific output. Following the incoroporation of any necessary changes and suggestions, the article will be accepted if approved by two reviewers and rejected if at least one reviewer provides an unfavorable assessment.


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