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Scope and editorial policy

Revista do Hospital das Clínicas publishes peer - reviewed materials of interest to clinicians and researchers in medicine. Authors are invited to submit manuscripts featuring original experimental investigations, clinical studies, reviews, case reports, technical notes and letters to the Editors.

Materials submitted to the Journal may not be under simultaneous consi-deration by any other publication and should not have been published previously in similar form. All authors must have contributed to the study and/or manuscript because all are responsible for the contents.

Studies involving experimental animals must conform to the guiding principles of the Declaration of Helsinki, and human subjects must have given informed con-sent to the study as approved by the Committee on Ethics and Research at the author’s institution.

Authors will be required to sign a copyright transfer form that will be sent with page proofs. Manuscripts will undergo blinded review by two or more reviewers. Acceptance is based upon significance of the contribution to medical science, originality, validity of the method and results, and interest to readers. The Editor reserves the right to edit accepted manuscripts prior to publication to comply with the journal’s format, remove redundancies, and aid clarity and understanding without altering the meaning; edi-ted manuscripts will be sent to the authors for approval. Inquiries and business correspondence may be directed to the Editorial Office at the address below or by telephone: 55-11-3069-6235.


Manuscript preparation

All materials considered for publication should be sent to:

Prof. Dr. Mauricio Rocha e Silva
Editor, Revista do Hospital das Clínicas da FMUSP
Rua Dr. Ovídio Pires de Campos, 225 - 6º Andar
CEP 05403-010 - São Paulo - SP

A submission letter, signed by all authors, must accompany each manuscript. Any financial or other relations that could lead to a conflict of interest must be disclosed in the letter of submission. If the Editor considers this conflict of interest rele--vant to the paper, a footnote will be added to show the equity interest in or affiliation with the identified commercial firm(s).

Manuscripts should be succint. The Introduction should be enough to update the reader about the previous knowledge of the subject; omit well-known and previously published material; quote them as references, if necessary. Results may be pre-sented in the form of text or tables; avoid redundancy of information in these two forms. Focus the Discussion on the work at hand, including only those references that directly relate to the subject. Use generic names of drugs instead of commercial names. Spell all abbreviations at the first time they appear. Avoid using abbreviations in the abstract.

Articles may be submitted in English or in Portuguese. If approved for publication, the authors must provide a translation of the complete text to English by their own means. Manuscripts submitted in Portuguese may be significantly delayed in the editorial process. Material must be typed on standard (letter size) white bond paper, double-spaced throughout.

Articles must contain: title page (containing title only), one structured summary in English and another in Portuguese (both containing title and 5 key words suitable for indexing), text, acknowledgments, references, tables, legends and figures. Each of these sections must begin on a new page. Because the manuscripts will undergo blinded review, no author or institution name should appear in the text. In a separate sheet write the title of the article, full names, highest aca-de-mic degree(s) and affiliations for all authors and all sources of financial support. Three hard copies of the manuscript (the original and two copies) and figures, as well as a diskette containing the complete text in Rich Text Format (.rtf) should be forwarded to the Editor. Summary may be up to 250 words, indicating Purpose, Methods, Results and Conclusions whenever possible. For case reports and technical notes, the abstract should be no longer than 150 words.

Organize your text into sections entitled Introduction, Method, Results and Discussion. Case reports and technical notes shall be published as letters to the editor and require only an introduction, a description of the case/technique and a discussion. Cite references (in superscript), tables and figures in order of appearance using Arabic numerals. Place acknowledgments at the end of the text on a separate page.

References - number in the order they appear in the text; unpublished material or personal communications should be noted parenthetically in the text. Use the Vancouver format for Journal articles. For more than 6 authors, use “et al.”. Write the title of the article in the original language whenever possible. For book chapters, quote both the author of the chapter and the editor of the book. Examples:

Turner WW, Valentine RJ, Wright CB. Acute vascular insufficiency due to drug injection. In: Rutherford RB. Vascular Surgery. 4th ed. Philadelphia: Saunders; 1995. p. 680.

Journal article:
Salles LR, Puech-Leão P, Muraco Netto B, Kuzniec S, Aun R, Marino JC, et al. Fatores de risco de acidente vascular cerebral na endarterectomia de carótida. Rev Hosp Clín Fac Med S Paulo 1997; 52(6):291-4.

Submit tables and figures in separate sheets. Figures should be sent in glossy print copies. Color reproductions, may be charged to the authors, at the editor’s discretion. Type legends for all illustrations on a separate page, explaining all abbreviations and symbols used in the illustration. Previously published figures must be accompanied by written permission from the publishers to reproduce.


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