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Scope and Policy

The Sociedade & Natureza journal has a periodicity of one per semester and uses the ABNT standardization for presentation of articles in printed scientific periodic publications. (6022/2003 and 6021/2003)

All submitted manuscripts are reviewed by at least two specialists chosen from their specialization or affinity with the thematic content by the Editors, whose names are kept anonymous. In the same way, author's names are not informed to the reviewers during the review process (Blind Review).

The paper evaluation is based on originality, scientific relevance, organization, clearness and quality of graphic illustrations.

The evaluators are asked to emit their opinion by the Chief Editor. Each article is evaluated for two estimators, who express their final evaluation according to the following items: Should be published. It is not necessary to be reviewed, Should be published, but needs to be reviewed. Should not be published.

Public of the journal: Professors, researchers, students of geography and similar areas.

The articles will be evaluated by at least two consultants of the research area of knowledge, educational institutions and/or national and international research, proven scientific production. After the corrections and possible suggestions, the article will be accepted if you have two positive and rejected when two opinions are unfavorable.

The Copyright for articles published in the journal are the authors, with first publication rights to the journal.

The Journal adopts the system Copyspider anti plagiarism software plagiarism identification.


Form and preparations of manuscripts

Original articles are published by Sociedade & Natureza journal, with geographical or similar contents, results from conceptual,. experimental and empirical research, with 10 to 20 pages.

The journal publishes articles in Portuguese, English, French and Spanish.

Articles must be edited in MS Office 2000 (Word) or recent version, single space, font Times New Roman, size 12, without headings and footnotes.

A4 pages with 2,5 cm of all margins (top, bottom, left and right)

Title in Portuguese and English, centered and bold., Times New Roman, size 14.

Following present resumo (Portuguese) and abstract, with no more then 15 lines (250 words), with 3 to 6 key words, in the original language of the paper and English.

Tables and illustrations must be cited on the articles and numbered according the insertion. Tables title in the top and illustrations title and legend in the bottom Illustrations (graphs, maps, pictures) must be submitted in tiff or jpeg format, inserted in the paper body. Illustrations will be published in black and white in paper version and as original colors in the electronic version.

References must be organized according with NBR rules. NBR-6023 da ABNT( August 2002 ).

Direct and indirect citation must be organized according NBR rules. NBR-10520 da ABNT (August de 2002).


Manuscripts submission

The article must be submitted on the website of the journal at, where the Editor proceed to the evaluation.

The journal is published in online version and paper, both with the same content.

The articles published are from responsibility of the authors and do not represent the opinion of Sociedade & Natureza journal.

There are no fees for submission and evaluation of articles.


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