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Objectives and areas of interest: to give visibility to academic production in the areas of philosophy and history of science without neglecting the contributions of related areas, such as the sociology of science and technology, the history of technical practices and the philosophy of technology. The journal's orientation is strictly focussed on philosophical and historical studies of science, understood broadly to include the exact, natural and human sciences, and the impact of the technological application of science on culture and on society. From the outset, Scientiae Studia has aimed to publish contributions that attempt to understand science as a reflection of culture and an expression of the current stage of the process of civilization, analyzing the internal aspects that mark the rationality and autonomy of science, while also attending to the social values that give sustenance to scientific and technological practices and that provide the context for posing questions about the ethical and social responsibility of scientists and technologists.

Furthermore, the journal is addressed to the Portuguese and Spanish speaking scientific and academic communities, aiming not only to share critical (historical, epistemological, ethical) studies about science and technology, but also to foster a greater linguistic and cultural integration among the Latin American countries.

Sci. stud., the abbreviated title of the journal, should be used in bibliographies, footnotes, references and quotations.


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