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The journal Trans/Form/Ação is published semestrally.
Each issue costs R$15.00 (fifteen reais). In Brazil, the annual subion rate is R$30.00 (thirty reais), and the biannual rate R$ 55.00 (fifty five reais).
For subscribers abroad, the annual subion rate is US$20,00 American dollars, and the biannual US$ 35,00 American dollars.
Payment may be made by bank deposit to:

Banco do Brasil
Branch: 6605-2
Account: 130.111-X

Send a copy of the payment receipt by Fax: 14-3402-1302 to the Philosophy Department.

In case of any query, please contact us by e-mail at:
or at: 14-3402-1306 (Edna/Philosophy Department).

The on line journal has open and free access.


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