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vol.15 issue3-4Neuroptera of the Amazon basin. Part 11a. Introduction and chrysopint. author indexsubject indexarticles search
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Acta Amazonica

Print version ISSN 0044-5967On-line version ISSN 1809-4392

Acta Amaz. vol.15 no.3-4 Manaus Sep./Dec. 1985 


Material Zoológico depositado nas coleções sistemáticas de entomologia do INPA, resultante do "Projeto INPA/MAX-PLANK" (Convênio CNPq/MGP)

Zoological Material deposited in the systematic entomology collections of INPA,resulting from the " Projeto INPA/MAX-PLANK". (Convenio CNPq/MGP). (*)

Joachim Adis** 

Wolfgang J. Junk*** 

Norman D. Penny**** 

**Max-Planck-Institut fur Limnologie, AG Tropenökologie, Postfach 165, D-2320 Plön Holstein, West Germany. -(1975-1978 : II .Zoologisches Institut der Universität Göttingen, West Germany;1979/80: Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D. C, USA).

***Max-Planck-Institut für Limnologie, AG Tropenökologie, Postfach 165, D-2320 Plön Holstein, West Germany.

****Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazônia (INPA), Div. de Entomologia, Caixa Postal 478, 69 000 Manaus-AM, Brasil.


As coleções de Entomolologia Sistemática do Instituto nacional de Pesquisas da Amazônia (INPA) em Manaus, Brasil, no momento, contém aproximadamente 16.350 exemplares de invertebrados e vertebrados identificados, representando 330a espécies e incluindo 692 tipos que foram depositados entre 1940 e 1982 por pesquisadores e associados do Instituto Max-Planck de Limnologia em Plön, Alemanha Ocidental.


The Systematic Entomology Collections of the National Institute for Amazonia Reseracrh (INPA) in Manaus, Brazil, presently house about 16.350 identified invertebrate an vertebrate specimens, representing 330 species and including 692 types, which were deposited between 1940 and 1982 by the scientific staff and associates of the Max-Plank Institute for limnology in Plön, West Germany and here listed for the first time.

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