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Anais da Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz

Print version ISSN 0071-1276

An. Esc. Super. Agric. Luiz de Queiroz vol.21  Piracicaba  1964 

A maturação do abacaxi



Heitor W. S. Montenegro

Professor Colaborador da 12.ª Cadeira - Horticultura. Escola Superior de Agricultura "Luiz de Queiroz", USP Piracicaba, S. Paulo




In the present work it was sougth to correlate the coloration of the fruit of Ananas comosus variety Perola with the pulp quality, aiming at the orientation of the fruit grower to the correct time of harvest.
Pineapple fruit was chosen in 5 stages of maturation recognized by its external characteristics, principally its color.
The fruits of each stage of maturation were analysed, determining the. weight, the percentage of soluble solids, and relation of acid to soluble solids.
At the same time a test was made classifying the fruits as acid, regular, good, excellent, and spoiled.
A correlation was found between the external coloration of the fruit and the degree of maturation.
Concluding from this that the best time to harvest the variety Perola is in the third stage in the regions closest to the market and in the second stage in the regions which are farther away.
For the cannery industry the fruit should be harvest in the first stage.



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