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Brazilian Journal of Biology

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Braz. J. Biol. vol.75 no.2 supl. São Carlos May 2015 

Editorial Note

Editorial note

JG Tundisi

T Matsumura-Tundisi, Editorial Board

The Rio dos Sinos watershed is an ecosystem in southern Brazil (in the state of Rio Grande do Sul) of ecological, economic and social importance.

The services promoted by this watershed for human well-being are varied and relevant: water supply for human consumption, navigation, fisheries, recreation, tourism, industrial uses and irrigation for rice production.

Therefore the conservation, protection and recovery of this watershed is a relevant task. In order to perform all those services, a deep knowledge of the ecological dynamics of the watershed is necessary.

This volume presents papers related to the ecological dynamics of the Rio dos Sinos watershed. It describes and discusses several interrelated problems: distribution and history of water quality parameters, organic pollution and contamination, monitoring of inorganic and organic compounds, genotoxicity, phytotoxicity, endocrine disruptors, integrated environmental assessment of streams, governance and environmental education. Technical contributions regarding the monitoring and recovery of polluted waters are also described in the papers of this volume.

This is a valuable contribution to the ecological knowledge of Rio dos Sinos watershed. It will be a useful tool for the development of public policies, and to establish long term programs for the conservation, protection and recovery of the ecological services of this ecosystem. We compliment the efforts of the research workers at University Feevale for the completion of this volume.

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