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Scope and Policy

Ambiente Construído has an Editorial Board, whose members have a two-year mandate. They are all recognized as prestigious academics, and some of them work for well-known research institutions abroad. All articles are evaluated by at least two referees, chosen among the members of the editorial board or among academics that are widely recognised as competent in their fields of knowledge.

In order to achieve a high standard in the process of reviewing articles submitted to Ambiente Construído, a set of criteria for preparing the reviews have been established, related to the structure of the article, quality of writing, technical and scientific quality, the relevance of the theme, and the degree of originality of the article. Regarding the structure, the article should be logically structured in topics. The text should be clear, and written without spelling or grammar mistakes. In relation to the technical and scientific quality, the concepts adopted should be correct, the content should have an adequate level of depth, the research methods should be rigorous, and relevant references should be cited. Regarding the relevance, the article should be linked to important problems related to the Built Environment Technology. Finally, in relation to the originality, the degree of novelty and innovation of the paper should be assessed.

Moreover, the referees may provide additional information that can contribute for the evaluation of the paper, suggest changes, and justify the evaluation made.

Article Processing Charges and submission fees
The Journal Ambiente Construído does not charge article processing or submission fees. However, after the conclusion of the peer assessment process, professionals accredited by the journal will perform a grammatical and spelling revision of the paper and check for its conformance to formatting rules. The authors will be charged directly by the accredited professionals for the cost of their services.

Plagiarism policy
According to this journal’s editorial policy, only “original and previously unpublished papers resulting from research will be accepted for publication”. The journal uses specific software to check the submitted papers for plagiarised content ( and Plaguim).

Peer review 
This paper operates a double-blind review process, which means that both the reviewer and the author identities are concealed from the reviewers and vice-versa.  In order to ensure high standards of quality in the assessment of the papers submitted to the Journal Ambiente Construído, the editorial board has established guidelines to be followed by the reviewers. After the editors receive the reviewers’ reports, they will process the paper according to the peer reviewers’ recommendations.

The editorial board of the journal Ambiente Construído recommends that the peer reviewers’ assessments take the following items into consideration: organization and structure of the paper, text quality, technical and scientific quality of the study, relevance of the theme and originality of the subject and consistency of the results presented.  With regards to the structure, reviewers are asked to consider the logical structure of the paper, which must include a theoretical background, a description of the research methods and presentation and discussion of the results. As to the text, reviewers will check for clarity and also spelling and grammatical quality. Assessment of the technical and scientific quality involves an analysis of the correct employment of concepts, depth of the content, scientific rigour of the investigation and citations of fundamental, internationally acknowledged references as well as clear contributions to scientific knowledge. As to the relevance, the work must be connected with significant issues related to the built environment technology. With respect to originality, reviewers must evaluate the uniqueness of the contribution, in addition to the innovation potential of the work. The journal also allows reviewers to add criteria that may contribute to improve the quality of the publication.


Form and preparation of manuscripts

Articles submitted to Ambiente Construído cannot have been previously published, must be original, and be the result of research work. The maximum size is 7000 words. Articles that contain only literature review should not be accepted, unless they an original research method or approach. In case parts of the results have been published somewhere else, the conception of the article and its main conclusions should be necessarily original.

The structure of the article should have:

Title: the title of the article should be brief and sufficiently specific and descriptive, and should include some key-words that are representative of the content of the text.

Indication of authorship: no information identifying the authors should be included in the paper. The identification of the authors should be made in the appropriate fields available at SEER ( The name of each author should be included in full in that system, without abbreviation.

Abstract: an abstract of between 100 and 200 words should be included at the beginning, in the language used for writing the article. A translation of the abstract into English should be made, if the article is not written in that language, or into Portuguese, if the article is written in English. The abstract should present clearly the aim of the paper, a short description of the research work, and the main results achieved.

Keywords: after the abstract, between three and six keywords, which help in the identification of the main topics discussed in the article, must be included.

Article: the text should have an introduction section, with the aim of informing the reader about the theme to be discussed, including the results of relevant previous research. A brief literature review must be presented, including key references on which the research work was found. It is also required to present a conclusion section, in which the main conclusions of the paper for the contribution to knowledge are presented.

References: all references of publications directly or indirectly cited in the text should be included. Those references must be formatted according to the NBR 6023:2002 standard, and listed in alphabetic order.

Apud: articles that are cited as apud must have a complete reference as a footnote in the same page that it is cited.

After the assessment of the referees, if the paper is accepted, the following steps are carried out:

a)      Language revision (carried out by a specialist);

b)      Format and standardization (carried out by a librarian);

c)      Overall revision by one of the editors-in-chief;

d)      Final revision by authors.

a)      Inclusion of the final version of the paper in SEER, in pdf.


Send of the manuscripts

Authors should submit their papers at the Ambiente Construído journal website (, where all the necessary steps for submission are described. In this process, all authors must register in the system. The article must be submitted only in a .doc file type. If the article is accepted for publication, after the necessary revisions, the final version should also be in the same format. At the initial submission, authors should also send a permission for publishing the paper, in case it is accepted.


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