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Background: The launching of ARS was preceded by an intense process of discussion and by activities related to the organization of its project, which were developed as of the middle of 2002. It is edited biannually by Profs. Gilbertto Prado, Sônia Salzstein and Marco Giannotti, with graphic design by Prof. Mario Ramiro. Its first issue was brought to the public in March 2003, and it already has 13 published issues. As of issue no. 5, all the issues received the support of CAPES/CNPq. Its release has been in partnership with Centro Universitário Maria Antonia, which has disseminated the project widely.

Objectives: The ARS magazine of the Visual Arts Postgraduate Program of ECA-USP unites relevant works in arts debate, produced in the university circle and outside it. We find that there is a great lack of magazines specialized in arts and humanities in the country that are able to encourage that debate in specially favorable conditions, however, free of the commitments of a commercial publication. The magazine aims at intervening in the deep fragmentation of arts discussion in the country, and advocates that the issues involving an arts school should not remain restricted to the academic environment, mobilizing the cultural debate beyond the walls of the university and interrogating the perspectives of art itself in the contemporary context.  Ars intends to, in the medium and long term, contribute toward the formation of a culture of criticism in art circles in the country, encouraging the work of new generations of researchers and preparing them for intervention in public life. It has the interest of disseminating, together with the works of artists, critics, historians and art theoreticians, researchers and Art Postgraduate students, the collaborations of artists, intellectuals and professionals from other areas, whose intervention can be considered relevant to the cultural debate, or also collaboration of experts who work outside the university environment. If offers to the authors the prerogatives of a noncommercial magazine, favoring experimentation and specialized theoretical research, and a propitious place for institutionalization of a public space for the demanding discussion of cultural problems.

The abbreviated title of the periodical is ARS (São Paulo), which should be used in bibliographies, footnotes, references and bibliographical legends.

Areas of Interest: Art, Visual Art, Multimedia, Art Criticism, Art History, Teaching and Learning of Art

Other data: the magazine is published in the printed and electronic versions.



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