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ARS results from an intense process of exchange of ideas and from the organization of several activities related to the development of the journal that started in mid-2002. Its project arises from the detection, by that time, of an alarming lack of periodicals in Brazil that focused on arts and human sciences and were able to approach and stimulate the intelectual debate apart from the demands and restrictions imposed by the conditions of commercial publishing. ARS reflects an ambition to contribute to the debate on contemporary art that is based on the principle that the matters related to any art school shouldn't be restricted to the academic field but should promote both the development of the cultural debate outside the limits of university and the constant exam of the the perspectives of art within the contemporary context. Therefore, the journal has been committed since its first editions to building a critical culture in Brazilian art field by promoting the intelectual work of new generations of researches and qualifying them for acting in the public sphere.

ARS' first edition was released on March 2003. Until 2015 it was biannually edited by professors Gilbertto Prado, Sônia Salzstein and Marco Giannotti and designed by professor Mario Ramiro.

From 2017 onwards, the journal has been released three times a year by the Graduate Program in Visual Arts at ECA-USP.

ARS is a publication released three times a year by the Graduate Program in Visual Arts at the School of Communications and Arts of University of São Paulo that gathers and publicises a significant intellectual production originated both within and outside the academic field. The journal adopts a broad approach which is understood as a requirement of contemporary art itself. As a result, ARS aims to contribute to the development of a cultural debate outward the academic field and to the constant exam of the circumstances and perspectives of art in a contemporary outlook. At the same time, it recognises and values the importance of theory and the contributions offered by formerly consolidated fields of study such as Philosophy, Aesthetics and Art History, even while constantly questioning this tradition and identifying its restraints when facing the challenges entailed by the contemporary setting. Alongside the work of artists, critics, art historians and graduate students linked to the Department of Visual Arts, ARS is also interested in promoting contributions from researches, artists, intellectuals and other professionals from the art field supportive to experimental practices and specialised theoretical research.

ARS currently comprehends two versions: electronic (ISSN 2178-0447) and printed (ISSN 1678-5320).

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