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Basic Information

The Organizações & Sociedade (O&S) journal is published by Escola de Administração - Universidade Federal da Bahia - EAUFBA. The journal has existed for 18 years and boasts  remarkable academic production in Administration and connected fields. As a quarterly publication, O&S aims to provide a space to publish articles by researchers and post-graduate students dealing with subjects in the general field of organizations and society.

The journal publishes original (unpublished) texts (in Portuguese, Spanish and English) from all areas of Administration and its interfaces with other areas of Applied Social Sciences and Social Sciences. The interdisciplinary ethos of O&S can be identified in the Qualis CAPES Index where O&S was awarded A2 level in the area of Administration, Accounting and Tourism, B2 level in Political Science and International Relations, Social Service, and Interdisciplinary areas; B3 level in Psychology and Urban and Regional Planning/Demography; B4 level in Engineering III, Sociology, Education, Literature/Linguistics, and Agricultural Sciences I, and B5 level in the areas of Economics and Medicine II.

The journal has a high standard editorial committee made up of researchers from various regions of Brazil as well as from abroad to guarantee the quality of the published articles. The main objective of the O&S journal is to offer the international and national community a space for the communication and dissemination of scientific production of unpublished articles in order to expand the scope of knowledge. The journal provides open and free of charge access to all the issues.

O&S is a quarterly publication

Additional information
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Areas of interest
Administration; Accounting; Tourism; Political Science and International Relations; Interdisciplinary studies; Environmental Engineering ; Urban and Regional Planning; Demography and Social Service; Sociology; Education; Science and Technology of Information and Communication.

Its abbreviated title is Organ. Soc., which should be used in bibliographies, footnotes and bibliographical references and strips.


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All contents of the journal, except where identified, are licensed under Creative Commons, attribution-type BY (or BY).

The Organizações & Sociedade adopted until dec/2015 the Creative Commons license attribution-type BY-NC. Actually, the license is the attribution-type BY.



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