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Instructions to Authors

Editorial policy

The mission of the Latin American Journal of Nursing (RLAE) is to contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge and professional practice in nursing and other health areas through the publication of articles of relevance, interest, quality and originality. The journal receives manuscripts in English, Portuguese or Spanish, in the categories Original Article, Review and Letters to the Editor, priority being granted to the first. The journal is issued every two months and special issues are published at the discretion of the Editorial Board. Peer review is adopted as the assessment process, preserving the anonymity of authors and reviewers.

RLAE supports the registration policies for clinical trials of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE), acknowledging the importance of these initiatives for the registration and international disclosure of information about clinical research available through open access.

Like the ICMJE and the EQUATOR Network, RLAE defends initiatives to enhance the presentation of research results by stimulating authors to use international guidelines in the preparation of manuscripts on randomized clinical trials, systematic reviews, meta-analyses, observational studies in epidemiology and qualitative studies. The international guidelines consist of checklists and flow charts available in the CONSORT, PRISMA, STROBE and COREQ declarations.

. Randomized clinical trial - CONSORT (checklist  and flow chart).
. Systematic reviews and meta-analyses - PRISMA (checklist and flow chart).
. Observational studies in epidemiology – STROBE (checklist)
. Qualitative studies - COREQ (checklist).

RLAE strongly discourages the submission of multipart papers and partial results of the same research as well as of papers with data collected more than three years ago.

Categories of manuscripts

Original articles

Are contributions to disseminate results of an original and unedited study, which can be replicated and/or generalized.

Discursive formulations with theorizing effects and qualitative studies in general are also considered as original articles.

Review articles

Critical, comprehensive and systemized evaluation studies of original and recent research results. Aimed at stimulating discussion and introducing the debate on relevant and innovative aspects. Present the review method, the detailed search process and the criteria used for the selection and classification of the primary studies included. Should be sustained by standards of scientific excellence and answer a question that is relevant to nursing and/or other health areas. The methods used include: meta-analysis, systematic review and integrative review.

Letters to the Editor

Include letters aimed at discussing articles the journal has recently published or to report on significant original research and scientific findings.

Review process

If submitted in compliance with the publication standards, the manuscripts are forwarded for pre-analysis by the Scientific Editor-in-Chief and, next, to the Associate Editor in order to select reviewers. After the review process, the Associate Editor sends a recommendation to the Scientific Editor-in-Chief, who decides to approve, reject or have the manuscript reformulated.


The authorship concept RLAE adopts is based on the substantial contribution of each of the persons listed as authors, mainly regarding the conception and planning of the research project, data collection or analysis and interpretation, formulation and critical review. The number of authors is limited to six and, exceptionally, for multicenter studies, the possibility of including more authors will be examined, in view of the justifications presented.
The inclusion of names cannot be justified if the authors’ contribution does not fit into the above criteria. In this case, these names can be mentioned under Acknowledgements (consult Manuscript preparation).
The author(s) is(are) exclusively responsible for the concepts issued in the articles, which do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Editors and Editorial Board.


The copyright is the sole property of the journal, transferred through the Declaration of responsibility and copyright transfer (download on journal website) signed by the authors. To use the articles, RLAE adopts the Creative Commons License, CC BY Non-commercial use. This license permits accessing, downloading, copying, printing, sharing, reusing and distributing the articles, provided that for noncommercial use and indicating the source, properly granting copyright to RLAE. In these cases, neither the authors nor editors need any permission.

Publication costs

The costs to have your manuscript published in RLAE include the submission fee and the translation with a view to publication in three languages. However, in this moment the submission fee isn´t mandatory for foreign authors.


Authors are requested to have their manuscript translated after the article has been approved. Then, the original text is translated to two other languages, different from the language the manuscript was submitted in. The authors are expected to settle the costs of these two translations. In order to guarantee the quality of the translations, these will only be accepted with a certificate of translation by one of the companies accredited by RLAE.


Manuscript preparation


. Title in the language of the manuscript
. Abstract in the language of the manuscript
. Descriptors in English
. Descriptors in Spanish
. Descriptors in Portuguese
. Introduction
. Method
. Results
. Discussion
. Conclusion
. References
Acknowledgements should be mentioned on the Title Page only.
Although the journal respects the creativity and style of the authors, the use of the conventional subdivisions Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion and Conclusion is suggested.


. A4
. 2.5cm margins on all sides

Number of pages

. Original Articles: 17 pages. (including abstract, tables, figures and references)
. Reviews: 25 pages. (including abstract, tables, figures and references)


. Font Times New Roman 12 (across the text, including the tables)
. Double lining from the title to the references, except in the tables
. Lay-out not permitted in the body of the text: bold, underlined, all caps, MS Word markers. Use italics for highlights. Obs.: the body of the text refers to the paragraphs, but not the title, divisions and subdivisions.


. Concise and informative, max. 15 words. Exceptionally, up to 25 words are allowed.
. In the language of the manuscript
. Bold
. Items not allowed: all caps, letter words and geographical location of the research


The abstract presents the article and is fundamental for the reader to decide on whether to access and refer to the full text. Therefore, its presentation requires special attention.

The abstract should be a condensed version of the full text and its information should guarantee the clarity of the text and the reliability of the data, without presenting data that differ from the main text.

The Objective should be clear, concise and described in the infinitive form. Examples: analyze, relate, compare, discover.

The Method should contain sufficient information for the reader to understand the research. Descriptive studies should present the study design, sample, instrument and analysis type. Analytic studies should also add the number of subjects in different groups, primary outcome, type of intervention and study period.

The Results should be concise, informative and present the main results in a described and quantified manner, including the subject characteristics and final data analysis.

The Conclusions should strictly correspond to the objective, express considerations about the theoretical and practical implications of the results and contain three elements: the main result, relevant additional results and contribution of the study to the advancement of scientific knowledge.

Clinical trials should present the clinical trial registration number at the end of the abstract.

Items not permitted: letter words, except internationally known versions, citations of authors, place of study and year of data collection.
. In the language of the article
. Structured into Objectives, Method, Results and Conclusion
. Written in a single paragraph
. Font Times New Roman 12, double lining
. Up to 200 words


. Descriptors in English
. Descriptors in Spanish
. Descriptors in Portuguese
. Selected from the list of Descriptors in Health Sciences or Mesh
. Minimum 3 and maximum 6
. Separated by a semicolon
. Capitalize first letter of each word in the descriptors, except for articles and prepositions

Name of the Sections Introduction, Method, Results, Discussion and Conclusion

. Bold
. Capitalize first letter only
. Items not permitted: too many subdivisions, subdivisions with long names and in italics, MS Word markers


Should be brief, clearly define the research problem, highlighting its importance and knowledge gaps. Include updated references from Brazilian and international journals.


Should inform on the method used, the study population, the data source and the selection criteria, which should be described objective and comprehensively.


Should be limited to a description of the results found, without interpretations or comparisons. The text complements but does not repeat what is displayed in tables and figures. For quantitative papers, the results section needs to be separated from the discussion.


The Discussion should emphasize the new and important aspects of the study and the conclusions drawn. Data or other information included in the Introduction or Results should not be repeated in detail. For experimental studies, it is useful to start the discussion with a short summary of the main findings, and then explore possible mechanisms or explanations for these results, as well as compare and contrast the results with other relevant studies.


The Conclusion should respond to the study objectives and be restricted to the data found. Assertions about economic and cost benefits should be avoided, unless the manuscript contains the data and the appropriate economic analysis. New hypotheses should be established when that is the case, making it clear that these are but hypotheses though. Do not cite bibliographic references.


Informative, clear and complete, indicating what the table is intended to represent. Contain:
. the distribution “of what / who”
. according to “what” it was accomplished
. city, State, country, year of data collection
Example: Table 1 – Distribution of women who underwent chemotherapy against breast cancer, according to age, skin color, marital status and education. Fortaleza, CE, Brazil, 2010
. Located on top of the table


. Elaborated using MS Word tools
. Data correctly separated by lines and columns so that each piece of information is located in one cell
. Internal lines only below and above the header and at the bottom of the table
. Font Times New Roman 12, simple lining

Lay-out not permitted

. Line breaks using Enter
. Indentations using Tab
. Spaces to separate the data
. All caps
. Underlining
. MS Word markers
. Colors in the cells


. Bold
. No empty cells


. Avoid tables that exceed a single page
. Tables of only one or two lines should be transformed into text


. Maximum 5 items, including tables and figures

Mention in the text

. Compulsory. E.g.: according to Table 1

Insertion in the text

. Shortly after the first mention in the text and not at the end of the manuscript or in separate files


. Restricted to a minimum
. Indicated using the sequential symbols *,†,‡,§,||,¶,**,††,‡‡, both inside the table and in the footnote, instead of one of the two places only.


. Restricted to a minimum
. Described in full in a footnote to the table, using the sequential symbols *,†,‡,§,||,¶,**,††,‡‡

Monetary values

Can be presented in US$ or minimum wages valid at the time and in the country where the research was undertaken. If presented in dollar, the exchange rate and date should be informed in a footnote to the table. If presented in minimum wages, the value of the minimum wage, date and country should also be informed in a footnote.


Figures are:
Pictures, graphs, drawings, schemes, flow charts and photographs.


. Located below the figure


. Similar to tables, but contain textual instead of numerical data; closed at the sides and contain gridlines
. When constructed using MS Word tools, maximum size of one page, instead of 16x10cm like the other figures.
. Font Times New Roman 12, simple lining
. Authorization of the source when extracted from other studies, indicated in a footnote to the figure


. Should not repeat the data represented in the tables
. Fully readable and clear
. Maximum size 16x10cm
. In a scale of grey, not colored
. Various graphs in a single figure will only be accepted if the joint display is essential to interpret the figure

Drawings, schemes, flow charts

. Constructed using appropriate tools, preferably with the help of a graphic arts professional
. Logical and easy to understand
. Fully readable and clear
. In a scale of grey, not colored
. Maximum size 16x10cm
. Authorization of the source when extracted from other studies, indicated in a footnote to the figure


. High resolution (at least 900 dpi)
. Fully readable and clear
. Maximum size 16x10cm
. In a scale of grey, not colored
. Photographs displaying people should be treated so that they are not identified


. Maximum 5 items, including tables and figures

Mention in the text

. Compulsory. E.g.: according to Figure 1

Insertion in the text

. Shortly after the first mention in the text and not at the end of the manuscript or in separate files


. Restricted to a minimum
. Described in full in a footnote to the table, using the sequential symbols *,†,‡,§,||,¶,**,††,‡‡

Lay-out and resolution for publication

The journal can request a new submission of the figure in high resolution (at least 900 dpi) and in .tiff (the help of a graphic arts professional is suggested).


Citations in the text


. Arabic numerals, superscript and between parentheses. E.g.: (12)
. In consecutive order, without jumping any reference

Citations of sequential references

. separated by a hyphen instead of a common, without any space in between. E.g.: (1-2), (4-5), (5-9)

Citations of non-sequential references

. separated by comma, without any space in between. E.g.: (8,14), (10,12,15)

Place of insertion

. when inserted at the end of the paragraph or sentence, should be placed before the final stop and, when next to a comma, should be placed before it

Citations “ipsis litteris”

. between brackets, no italics, font 12, in the sequence of the text.

Not permitted items

. space between numerical citation and the preceding word
. indication of consulted page
. names of authors, except when representing the theoretical framework
. citations in the Conclusions


. In the text: described in full on their first mention
. In the tables and figures: restricted to a minimum, described in full in a footnote using the sequential symbols *,†,‡,§,||,¶,**,††,‡‡
. Not permitted in the manuscript title and abstract

Comments by subjects

. Italics, font Times New Roman 10, no brackets, in the sequence of the text
. Identification of the comment: compulsory, coded, displayed at the end of each comment between parentheses and without italics


. In the text: indicated by an asterisk, starting each page, restricted to a minimum
. In the tables and figures: indicated using the sequential symbols *,†,‡,§,||,¶,**,††,‡‡ both inside the table and in the footnote, instead of one of the two places only.
. In the figures that display images, footnotes should be displayed as text and not inside the image


. Vancouver style
. Original articles: maximum 25 references
. Review articles: no maximum limit
. References involving more than six authors: first six followed by et al
. References to RLAE cited in English.


Examples of references


1 - Standard article

Figueiredo EL, Leão FV, Oliveira LV, Moreira MC, Figueiredo AF. Microalbuminuria in nondiabetic and nonhypertensive systolic heart failure patients. Congest Heart Fail. 2008;14(5):234-8.

2 - Article with more than six authors

Silva ARV, Damasceno MMC, Marinho NBP, Almeida LS, Araújo MFM, Almeida PC, et al. Hábitos alimentares de adolescentes de escolas públicas de Fortaleza, CE, Brasil. Rev. bras. enferm. 2009;62(1):18-24.

3 - Article with organizational author

Parkinson Study Group. A randomized placebo-controlled trial of rasagiline in levodopa-treated patients with Parkinson disease and motor fluctuations: the PRESTO study. Arch Neurol. 2005;62(2):241-8.

4 - Article with more than one organizational author

Guidelines of the American College of Cardiology; American Heart Association 2007 for the Management of Patients With Unstable Angina/Non-ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction. Part VII. Kardiologiia. 2008;48(10):74-96. Russian.

5 - Article with private and organizational authorship

Franks PW, Jablonski KA, Delahanty LM, McAteer JB, Kahn SE, Knowler WC, Florez JC; Diabetes Prevention Program Research Group. Assessing gene-treatment interactions at the FTO and INSIG2 loci on obesity-related traits in the Diabetes Prevention Program. Diabetologia. 2008;51(12):2214-23. Epub 2008 Oct 7.

6 - Article with author name including family designation

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Infram JJ 3rd. Speaking of good health. Tenn Med. 2005;98(2):53.

7- Article with subtitle

El-Assmy A, Abo-Elghar ME, El-Nahas AR, Youssef RF, El-Diasty T, Sheir KZ. Anatomic predictors of formation of lower caliceal calculi: Is it the time for three-dimensional computed tomography urography? J Endourol. 2008;22(9):2175-9.

8 - Article without authorship

Dyspnea and pain in the left lower limb in a 52-year-old male patient. Arq Bras Cardiol 2000;75(6):28-32.

9 - Non-Portuguese article

Grimberg M. [Sexualidade, experiências corporais e gênero: um estudo etnográfico entre pessoas vivendo com HIV na área metropolitana de Buenos Aires, Argentina]. Cad Saúde Pública 2009;25(1):133-41. Espanhol.

10 - Article published in more than one language

Canini SRMS, Moraes SA, Gir E, Freitas ICM. Percutaneous injuries correlates in the nursing team of a Brazilian tertiary-care university hospital.Rev Latino-am Enfermagem 2008;16(5):818-23. Inglês, Português, Espanhol.

11 - Article with category indication (review, abstract etc.)

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12 - Article published in issue with supplement

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13 - Article published part of a volume

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14 - Article published part of issue

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15 - Article in issue without volume indication

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16 - Article in journal without issue and volume indication

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17 - Article with page numbers in Roman numerals

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18 - Article with retraction

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19 - Article with published errata

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20 - Article with electronic publication ahead of print

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21 - Article with DOI

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22 - Article in print

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23 - Non-English article

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24 - Entire book

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25 - Book with author name containing family designation

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26 - Book edited by an author/editor/organizer

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27 - Book edited by an organization

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28 - Book without responsible author/editor

HIV/AIDs resources: a nationwide directory. 10th ed. Longmont (CO): Guides for Living; c2004. 792 p.

29 - Book with edition

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30 - Book published in different languages

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31 - Book with unknown and/or estimated publication date/editor

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32 - Book in a series, with indication of number

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33 - Book published in periodical as well

Cardena E, Croyle K, editors. Acute reactions to trauma and psychotherapy: a multidisciplinary and international perspective. Binghamton (NY): Haworth Medical Press; 2005. 130 p. (Journal of Trauma & Dissociation; vol. 6, no. 2).

34 - Book chapter

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35 - Conference proceedings with title

Luis, MAV, organizador. Os novos velhos desafios da saúde mental. 9º Encontro de Pesquisadores em Saúde Mental e Especialistas em Enfermagem Psiquiátrica; 27-30 junho 2006; Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo. Ribeirão Preto: EERP/USP; 2008. 320 p.

36 - Paper presented at a meeting and published in proceedings

Silva EC da, Godoy S de. Tecnologias de apoio à educação a distância: perspectivas para a saúde. In Luis, MAV, organizador. Os novos velhos desafios da saúde mental. 9º Encontro de Pesquisadores em Saúde Mental e Especialistas em Enfermagem Psiquiátrica; 27-30 junho 2006; Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo. Ribeirão Preto: EERP/USP; 2008. p. 255-60.

37 - Published abstract of paper presented at a meeting

Chiarenza GA, De Marchi I, Colombo L, Olgiati P, Trevisan C, Casarotto S. Neuropsychophysiological profile of children with developmental dyslexia [abstract]. In: Beuzeron-Mangina JH, Fotiou F, editors. The olympics of the brain. Abstracts de 12th World Congress of Psychophysiology; 2004 Sep 18-23; Thessaloniki, Greece. Amsterdam (Netherlands): Elsevier; 2004. p. 16.

MASTER'S THESES AND DOCTORAL DISSERTATIONS (it is suggested articles originated from them are cited)

38 - Entire thesis/dissertation

Arcêncio RA. A acessibilidade do doente ao tratamento de tuberculose no município de Ribeirão Preto [tese de doutorado]. Ribeirão Preto (SP): Escola de Enfermagem de Ribeirão Preto da Universidade de São Paulo; 2008. 141 p.


39 - Organizational reports

Ministério da Saúde (BR). III Conferência Nacional de Saúde Mental: cuidar sim, excluir não – efetivando a reforma psiquiátrica com acesso, qualidade, humanização e controle social. Brasília (DF): Conselho Nacional de Saúde; Ministério da Saúde; 2002. 211 p. Relatório final.
Page E, Harney JM. Health hazard evaluation report. Cincinati (OH): National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (US); fev 2001. 24 p. Report n. HETA2000-0139-2824.


40 - Patent

Shimo AKK, inventor; EERP assina. Sanitário portátil; Patente MV 7, 501, 105-0. 12 junho 1995.


41 - Newspaper article

Gaul G. When geography influences treatment options. Washington Post (Maryland Ed.). 2005 Jul 24;Sect. A:12 (col. 1).
Talamone RS. Banida dos trotes, violência cede lugar à solidariedade. USP Ribeirão 16 fev 2009; Pesquisa: 04-05.


42 - Legislation

Lei n. 8213 de 24 de julho de 1991 (BR). Dispõe sobre os Planos de Benefícios da Previdência Social e dá outras providências. Diário Oficial da União [periódico na internet]. 14 ago 1991. [citado 4 jul 2008]. Disponível em:

43 - Legal act

Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) of 1970, 29 U.S.C. Sect. 651 (2000).


44 - Book fully available on the internet

Berthelot M. La synthése chimica. [internet]. 10eme. ed. Paris (FR): Librairie Germer Baillière; 1876. [acesso em: 13 fev 2009]. Disponível em:

45 - Book on the internet with multiple authors

Collins SR, Kriss JL, Davis K, Doty MM, Holmgren AL. Squeezed: why rising exposure to health care costs threatens the health and financial well-being of American families [internet]. New York: Commonwealth Fund; 2006 Sep [acesso em: 2 nov 2006]. 34 p. Disponível em:

46 - Book chapter on the internet

National Academy of Sciences, Committee on  Enhancing the Internet for Health Applications: Technical
Requirements and Implementation Strategies. Networking Health: Prescriptions for the Internet [Internet]. Washington: National Academy Press; 2000. Chapter 2, Health applications on the internet; [Acess: 13 fev 2009]; p. 57-131. Available from: http://bo .php?record_id=9750&page=57
National Academy of Sciences (US), Institute of Medicine, Board on Health Sciences Policy, Committee on Clinical Trial Registries. Developing a national registry of pharmacologic and biologic clinical trials: workshop report [internet]. Washington: National Academies Press (US); 2006. Chapter 5, Implementation issues; [cited 2009 Nov 3]; p. 35-42. Available from: s/030910078X/html/35.html

47 - Books and other individual documents on CD-ROM, DVD, or disk

Kacmarek RM. Advanced respiratory care [CD-ROM]. Version 3.0. Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins; c2000. 1 CD-ROM: sound, color, 4 3/4 in.

48 - Book on CD-ROM, DVD, or disk in conference proceedings

Colon and rectal surgery [CD-ROM]. 90th Annual Clinical Congress of the American College of Surgeons; 10-14 out 2004; New Orleans, LA. Woodbury (CT): Cine-Med; c2004. 2 CD-ROMs: 4 3/4 in.

49 - Monograph on the internet

Agency Facts. Facts 24. Agência Européia para a segurança e a saúde no Trabalho. 2002. Violência no trabalho. [Acesso em: 27 fev 2008]. Disponível em:
Moreno AMH, Souza ASS, Alvarenga G Filho, Trindade JCB, Roy LO, Brasil PEA, et al. Doença de Chagas. 2008. [Acesso em: 27 fev 2008]. Disponível em:

50 - Internet article based on print source

Lin SK, McPhee DJ, Muguet FF. Open access publishing policy and efficient editorial procedure. Entropy [internet]. 2006 [acesso em: 08 jan 2007];8:131-3. Disponível em:

51 - Internet article with DOI number

Almeida AFFF, Hardy E. Vulnerabilidade de gênero para a paternidade em homens adolescentes. Rev Saúde Pública [internet]. 2007. [Acessado em 28 novembro 2008];41(4):565-72. Disponível em:

52 - Internet article based on print source with particular name sequence

Seitz AR, Nanez JE Sr, Holloway S, Tsushima Y, Watanabe T. Two cases requiring external reinforcement in perceptual learning. J Vis [internet]. 22 ago 2006 [acesso em: 9 jan 2007];6(9):966-73. Disponível em:

53 - Internet article based on print source with organization as the author

National Osteoporosis Foundation of South Africa. Use of generic alendronate in the treatment of osteoporosis. S Afr Med J [internet]. 2006 Aug [acesso em: 9 jan 2009];96(8):696-7. Disponível em: d=0:autho=pubmed:password=pubmed2004&/AdvancedQuery?&format=F&next=images/ejour/m_samj/m_samj_v96_n8_a12.pdf

54 - Internet article based on print source with page number in Roman numerals

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55 - Internet article based on print source with same text in two or more languages

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62 - Internet homepage

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63 - Data bases/recovery systems on the internet with individual/organizational author

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64 - Full databases on the internet

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65 - Newspaper article on the internet

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Randomized clinical trials, Systematic reviews, Meta-analyses, observational studies in epidemiology and Qualitative studies

RLAE supports the initiative of the ICMJE and the EQUATOR Network to improve the presentation of research results and, therefore, adopts the use of international guidelines that advise the authors in the preparation of manuscripts reporting on randomized clinical trials, systematic reviews, meta-analyses, observational studies in epidemiology and qualitative studies. The international guidelines consist of checklists and flow charts published in the international declarations CONSORT (randomized clinical trials), PRISMA (systematic reviews and meta-analyses), STROBE (observational studies in epidemiology) and COREQ (qualitative studies) and their use in the preparation of the manuscript can enhance the publication potential and, after its publication, increase the use of the reference in further research.

Randomized clinical trials, Systematic reviews and Meta-analyses

. Use the checklists and flow charts to prepare the manuscript, complete and forward them during the submission process.

Observational studies in epidemiology and Qualitative studies

. Use the checklists and flow charts to prepare the manuscript, do not complete nor forward them during the submission process.

Links to download the checklists and flow charts

. Randomized clinical trial: checklist and flow chart CONSORT in MS Word
. Systematic reviews and meta-analyses: checklist and flow chart PRISMA in MS Word
. Observational studies in epidemiology: checklist STROBE in pdf
. Qualitative studies: checklist COREQ published in Int. Journal for Quality in Health Care in 2007 in a table displayed in the study Consolidated criteria for reporting qualitative research (COREQ): a 32-item checklist for interviews and focus groups.

Translation and instrument validation studies

In the Portuguese and Spanish versions, translation and instrument validation studies should display the instrument items in English, the language in which the study was developed.


Documents required for submission

Title page

Mandatory document for all manuscripts. Download the template provided by the journal (on journal website); complete it carefully; send it during the submission process.

Declaration of responsibility and copyright transfer

Mandatory document for all manuscripts. Download the template provided by the journal (on journal website); fill out the title of the manuscript and the authors’ names; print it; sign it (all authors); scan it as a PDF document; send it during the submission process.

Approval by Research Ethics Committee / Institutional Review Board

Mandatory for studies that involve human subjects either direct or indirectly. Scan it as a PDF document; send it during the submission process.

Checklist and flow chart CONSORT

Mandatoty for randomized clinical trials. Download the two documents; use them to prepare the manuscript, complete them; send them during the submission process.

Checklist and flow chart PRISMA

Mandatory for systematic reviews and meta-analyses. Download the two documents; use them to prepare the manuscript, complete them; send it during the submission process.


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