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Scope and editorial policy

A Revista de Sociologia e Política accepts original articles and bibliographic essays where the main theme is the political practice of social agents.

Original articles shall present substantive results of empirical research based on the analysis of data and unpublished evidence.

The bibliographical essays ought promote theoretical and methodological discussions about a particular research area in political sociology and / or Political Science. The debate should focus on actual discussions. Texts must contain reflections on the "state of the art" in a specific field of study (political parties and elections, political behavior, ideological values​​, political history, international politics etc..). It is recommended the authors of  essays to merge the national and international literature published on the topic discussed.

Manuscripts should be written in  clear and concise Portuguese. Articles in Spanish and English will be accepted as well. The articles and bibliographical essays are up to 14 000 words.

The decision on the publication of articles and bibliographical essays rests on editors, based on reviewer’s evaluations. The evaluation process occurs in two steps: first, manuscripts submitted are reviewed by editors to make sure the article is in accordance with the scope and area of interest of the journal. Articles approved in the first step are sent to the analysis of at least two reviewers who may: (a) indicate the publication, (b) indicate the publication whreas revisions are made, (c) reject publication. However, the publication of accepted articles will be conditioned to editorial aspects and the budget of the Revista de Sociologia e Política. The first step is accomplished in about 20 days. The second step is usually completed between 45 and 90 days.

The editors of the Revista de Sociologia e Política may suggest modifications to the author in order to bring contributions to the graphic and editorial standards. All texts, once diagrammed, will be reviewed by the authors before publication.The statements e concepts used in the signed articles are fully responsability of the autors.

A Revista de Sociologia e Política supports the codes of conduct of Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) (, as well as the guidelines of Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico ( and the manual for good practice in Science published by Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo (


Preparation of original

The articles and bibliographical essays must be submitted through the electronic address The abstract of the original articles should be mandatory written in IMRAD format (introduction, materials and methods, results, discussion). The Revista de Sociologia e Política asks abstracts to be presented  in a specific template available for download at this link. This template must be completed and attached during the submission process online.

Manuscripts should be attached with no information allowing authors identification , such as name and institutional information, Acknowledgments, and any kind of linkages between the article and research projects, or universities. The references in the body of text to previously published articles also need to be removed in order to ensure anonymity during the reviewing process. This is a version for blind review, and all this information could be added after the reviewing process, if the article is approved. Any questions in this regard let us know:

The bibliography used will be presented at the end of the article, in alphabetical order and in accordance to the following rules:

Book: LAST NAME, First name (initials). Year. Title in italics: subtitle. Edition (if not the first). Place of publication: name of publisher.

Anthology: LAST NAME, First name (initials). Year. Title of essay. In: Last name, First name (initials) of editors. Anthology title in italics: subtitle. Number of edition (if not the first). Place of publication: name of publisher.

Journal articles: LAST NAME, First name (initials). Year. Title of article. Jounal name in italics, place of publication, volume and issue, pages covered, date or period of publication.

Dissertations and PhD theses: LAST NAME, First name (initials). Year. Title in italics. Place. Total number of pages. Academic level and area of studies [Thesis (master's) or Dissertation (doctorate)]. Academic institution.

Internet (electronic documents): LAST NAME, First name (initials). (year). Title in italics, [online]. Producer. Availability: access. [date of access].

The sequence and punctuation indicated above has to be followed rigorously.

Authors cites within a text should be referred to as follows: (AUTHOR'S LAST NAME, date) or (AUTHOR'S LAST NAME, date, page number). E.g.: (OFFE, 1996) or (OFFE, 1996, p.64). Different titles by the same author published during the same year should be identified by a letter after the date. E.g.: (EVANS, 1989a), (EVANS, 1989b).

Footnotes should be of a substantive nature, limited to a minimum and identified by Arabic numbers in ascending order.


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