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Anais da Academia Brasileira de Ciências
On-line version ISSN 1678-2690


Table of contents
An. Acad. Bras. Ciênc. vol.77 no.2 Rio de Janeiro June 2005

 Mathematical Sciences
 ·  Embedded positive constant r-mean curvature hypersurfaces in Mm × R
Cheng, Xu; Rosenberg, Harold

 Physical Sciences
 ·  Silicon-based spin and charge quantum computation
Koiller, Belita; Hu, Xuedong; Capaz, Rodrigo B.; Martins, Adriano S.; Das Sarma, Sankar

 Chemical Sciences
 ·  Methylation-GC-MS analysis of arabinofuranose- and galactofuranose-containing structures: rapid synthesis of partially O-methylated alditol acetate standards
Sassaki, Guilherme L.; Iacomini, Marcello; Gorin, Philip A.J.

 Biological Sciences
 ·  Golden mussel Limnoperna fortunei (Bivalvia: Mytilidae) distribution in the main hydrographical basins of Uruguay: update and predictions
Brugnoli, Ernesto; Clemente, Juan; Boccardi, Lucía; Borthagaray, Ana; Scarabino, Fabrizio

 ·  Evidence for a role of nitric oxide in hindlimb vasodilation induced by hypothalamic stimulation in anesthetized rats
Ferreira-Neto, Marcos L.; Possas, Olga S.; Lopes, Oswaldo U.; Cravo, Sérgio L.

 ·  Meristematic activity of the Endodermis and the Pericycle in the primary thickening in monocotyledons: considerations on the "PTM"
Menezes, Nanuza L. de; Silva, Delmira C.; Arruda, Rosani C.O.; Melo-de-Pinna, Gladys F.; Cardoso, Vanessa A.; Castro, Neuza M.; Scatena, Vera L.; Scremin-Dias, Edna

 Biomedical and Medical Sciences
 ·  Targeting exosites on blood coagulation proteases
Monteiro, Robson Q.

 ·  Ouabain exacerbates activation-induced cell death in human peripheral blood lymphocytes
Esteves, Mabel B.; Marques-Santos, Luis F.; Affonso-Mitidieri, Ottília R.; Rumjanek, Vivian M.

 ·  Vaccines based on the cell surface carbohydrates of pathogenic bacteria
Jones, Christopher

 Earth Sciences
 ·  Scientific findings of Alexander von Humboldt's expedition into the Spanish-American Tropics (1799-1804) from a geographical point of view
Kohlhepp, Gerd

 ·  Carbonate cements in contemporaneous beachrocks, Jaguaribe beach, Itamaracá island, northeastern Brazil: petrographic, geochemical and isotopic aspects
Guerra, Núbia C.; Kiang, Chang H.; Sial, Alcides N.

 ·  Progress on the palynostratigraphy of the Permian strata in Rio Grande do Sul State, Paraná Basin, Brazil
Souza, Paulo A.; Marques-Toigo, Marleni

 ·  Glacially striated, soft sediment surfaces on late Paleozoic tillite at São Luiz do Purunã, PR
Trosdtorf Jr., Ivo; Assine, Mario L.; Vesely, Fernando F.; Rocha-Campos, Antonio C.; Santos, Paulo R. dos; Tomio, Alexandre